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Well every start up offers or atleast claims to offer something different from its competitor out there in market. But when it comes to 100pins.com, difference is obvious, it can be felt. One of its kinds, 100pins.com is a site which allows users to list their favourite places or browse that of other users. We did interview Kishore Kadiyala from 100pins.com to know more about this initiative. You can find an excerpt of the conversation here



1. What exactly is 100pins.com? How is it different from competitor sites?

100pins.com is a website that lets people create lists of their favourite places/businesses in any part of the world. These could be dentists, day care centres, Chinese restaurants, schools, colleges, movie theatres, homoeopaths, tennis coaching centres, hostels, lawyers, wedding photographers, and anything else.

You can also see which places in any category have been mentioned as favourites by most people, and for any part of                                     your city.


You can see:

(i) All the favourite places of a particular person (e. g. a friend, or a person you like or respect)

(ii)All people who’ve mentioned a particular place as a personal favourite (e. g. a gym), and

(iii)All places mentioned as favourites in a particular category (e. g. Italian restaurants), and in a particular part of town (with how many have mentioned each as a favourite)


What make 100pins.com different are:

(i)The utter simplicity. Both when you are looking for information (e. g. you may want to know dentists in a part of your city pinned by most people) and when you are participating (e. g. you love a yoga centre and want others to know).

(ii)The complete authenticity. 100pins.com allows only real people, and only one account per person, and so needs users to verify their emails and mobile phones to be able to post anything, and to provide their real names and photos. We quickly delete any account reported and proved to be fake, duplicate or manipulative.

(iii)The great local community. Beyond sharing and discovering local favourites, you also get to interact with many people of your own city sharing similar interests, and forge great new friendships.


2. Why should one visit 100pins.com again and again?

100pins.com lets you see what new places in the city your friends and others are discovering, on an ongoing basis. That makes it a site that you’d like to visit many times each week. Plus, of course, you’d visit it every time you need recommendations for good local businesses in any category.


3. Who all are its founders? Please tell about them.

100pins.com is managed by the same team that runs the popular websites fullhyd.comdealdrums.com and localtiger.com. The founding company, LRR Technologies (Hyderabad) Pvt. Ltd., was established in 1999 by graduates of premier institutes including the IITs and the IIMs.


4. How did you come up with the idea of 100pins.com? When did you start it?

100pins.com was started in September 2012. Many people call friends routinely for recommendations for local businesses in several categories, and we thought that it would be great if all of these were recorded in a way that they could be simply queried. This led us to conceptualize a website dedicated to local favourites.


5. How much it costs you to start site of your dream? Who invested that?

Well, creating a world-class product costs a lot in terms of design and engineering, and marketing a new website needs huge money, but thankfully in our case, the company is already profitable from its other successful businesses/websites, and invested the amount from its own revenues.


6. Do you generate profit? If yes, how?

It’s too early to be making profits.


7. How many people currently work for you?

We are a team of 20 people.


8. What were the main challenges you faced early on in your online venture? And do you still encounter them?

To sell a whole new concept to people who keep hearing sales pitches for new concepts every week is very difficult. Now, however, 100pins.com is better established, and we don’t face that problem any more.


9. How easy or hard it was to make a place for yourself in ever competitive online world?

There is a lot of innovation out there in the online world, and it is definitely tough for one to make one’s presence felt. Moreover, Indian local businesses are not yet as receptive to technology as in the West. For any product, implementation is the key, and we have to offer most services free to get them tried.


10. What are your plans for the future?

We intend to make 100pins.com a vibrant, active hub of activity. We want people to visit 100pins whenever they are looking to visit a particular business, so that they may see what the rest of the world is recommending.


11. Based on your experiences, what advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Keep innovating, keep trying, and keep working. There is no substitute to hard work. Also, learn from people who have been successful in your domain.


12. Your comment on Techaloo.

Techaloo is a fabulous concept to encourage college students to back themselves to be able to start off on their own. A lot of talented students have self-doubt about their capability to turn entrepreneurs, and Techaloo does a great job of making them believe in themselves by showcasing plenty of success stories.

We wish you all the best team 100pins.com. Hope you will make it big.



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