A chit-chat with Rahul from Pyrite Technologies Pvt. Ltd


Hey Guys ,

I’m back with a new Startup . Its The Pyrite Technologies started by Satish Kumar and Rahul Gondane.

Here is the chit chat I had with him about his start up and all other jazz……

Rahul Gondane - Pyrite TechAbout Pyrite Technologies : Pyrite Technologies deals with Web Design , SEO , branding and Much More…..

1.    How the entrepreneurship journey started? Or who inspired you to start business?

We first started out as a technology blog called CoolPCTips, mainly to help out people with their problems and make technology accessible to everyone. But in time, after the blog got popular, we were selected in a couple of startup events and then approached by clients who wanted us to design and optimize their websites. A couple of months later we were asked by Maxthon to promote their browser in Hyderabad. After a successful campaign, we decided to take it one step further and register as a private limited. Because of support from family and friends, we could do so.

2.    When did you start the journey?

CoolPCTips began in May 2010 and Pyrite Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was registered in November 2012.

3.    How much funding initially needed, where did you get the start-up funding? Any angel investors helped you??

Funding for initially starting the site was provided by our college Secretary, G.R Ravinder Reddy sir and all our profits from different projects subsequently helped us to register and set up the company.

4.    What was the vision mission of the company? What exactly you wanted to do when you started your business?

Our vision originally was simply to bring technology to the masses, and make it accessible to everyone. But now that the company has expanded and deals with web design, SEO, branding and more, our aim is to provide the best services with utmost honesty.

5.    Tell us about your target customers??

There’s no target customers as such, anyone and everyone can use our services, from small businesses to artists to startups as well.


6.    What kind of difficulties you had faced while starting/doing business?

Our line of work has a lot of competition, with regard to current services as well as the technology blogging we started with. The main challenge was being recognized among so many other similar companies and websites.

7.    Tell us about aha moments of your journey?

After a couple of projects and seeing how satisfied our clients were, around mid-2012 we realized that we could really expand and provide these services on a much larger scale. It was this realization that sparked the thought of establishing a company.

8.    What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

In the next five years we hope to be one of the largest web designing firms in India, as well as become the foremost authority on everything technology via CoolPCTips. We also have a couple of other sites focusing on student life, fitness and SEO, so we really want them to become recognizable brands as well.

9.    It is generally said that “India doesn’t have a good eco-system for entrepreneurs ”, Do you agree with this?

It’s a tricky question that I both agree and disagree to. Entrepreneurs usually have to start incubating ideas from when they’re still studying, and looking at the current state of the education system where your ability to remember things is given more priority over thinking out of the box, I’d say initially there isn’t much support. But then again, some of the biggest companies today like Flipkart and RedBus are startups that have made it big, and there are a lot of communities that help startups in any way they can. So I’d say India is opening up to the idea of entrepreneurs.

10. Who are there from the beginning of your company and how you recruit new team mates?

Satish Kumar was the one who started CoolPCTips and I joined in a little bit later. The company was establishes with both of us at the helm. Kannan Sanjeevan is our main designer and coder who has been with us since the company was established.

We recruit new teammates based not only on skill, but also give a lot of importance to dedication, loyalty, punctuality and time management. In a startup environment we sometimes have to put in that extra effort, so we need people who can do that. Of course, we’re also looking for people on the same wavelength as us, so to speak, because likeminded people usually work best in groups.

11. Should a student join a start-up just after completing his education? Or work experience in an established company is better?

Joining a startup right out of college might not get you a big salary package, but it will impart important skills of management, responsibility and teamwork. Working in a smaller business or startup lets you take up bigger challenges and also helps you develop your own ideas instead of just following a regime.

12. What will be your advice/suggestion for new entrepreneurs for starting new business?

Believe in yourself and be determined to reach your goal. Not everyone will think it’s feasible doing what you want to do, but if you have faith in your ideas and really put your back into it, nothing can stop you.

13. Can you tell us your opinion on techaloo.com?

TechAloo is a great platform to know more about entrepreneurs and provides valuable insights to those who are interested in starting their own ventures because hearing about people who have already done it not only provides encouragement, but also makes them privy to the challenges faced.






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