A Shooting Success


In the era of technology one of the most common troubles face by most of us is obesity or just not being fit. We crave for chiseled perfect bodies and droll before the pictures of super models. With all the determination in the world, we subscribe to gyms and health clubs, but a week later the membership card is found in the corner of a rack covered in cobwebs. The most common excuse for this is – No time! But what if you could build your dream body while walking to work, making lunch or washing clothes? Wouldn’t that just be perfect?

Patrick Whaley, a young engineering student at Georgia Institute of Technology created a miraculous product that would make working out so easy. He created an apparel line called Omega Wear which used hydro-gel weights, strategically placed over major muscle groups. The weights in the clothing would help people burn off calories and build muscle which doing their usual day-to-day activities.

Whaley’s story is an awe-inspiring one. As a young boy, he was extremely skinny and he would fill his bags with heavy books to help him build muscle. He realized that if he could fill his bag with weights then why not his clothes? He nurtured his dream in his heart until he got into Georgia Institute of Technology, where he finally created a range of long sleeved tee-shirts with removable gel inserts.

What started off as a few drawing and sketches then turned into a prototype and finally a US Patent. Whaley used all the money from his paid internship to create and develop Omega Wear. Whaley also won the much coveted Gerogia Tech InVenture Prize and the People’s Choice Award for his amazing creation.  Along with the awards came 20,000 dollars of seed money to help him build Omega Wear.

But Whaley almost lost his dream. As he returned home after his work out one night, he found himself surrounded by 3 armed robbers. As he tried to defend himself, a bullet went straight into his chest. It squarely missed his heart but left him with only two-thirds of his lungs.

But even this mishap turned out to be a miracle for Whaley. As he recovered at the Hospital, he realized that he could use Omega wear in his physiotherapy and that these weight filled clothes could be used by many other patients who were also undergoing physiotherapy. So he expanded from athletes and sports enthusiasts to patients who needed physical therapy.

He was also able to get in touch with Olympic and Professional Athletes who gave him insight as to what they required. Whaley was able to sell millions of pre-ordered shirts even before he could enter into the retail market.

Whaley’s shirts also won the Most Bankable Award at Rice University’s Business Plan Competition which is the world’s largest and most lucrative business plan competition and also the Outstanding Product Award from Global Venture Labs.

His shirts, now called TITIN, are most desirable in many cross fit gyms in the United States. He is also travelling across the globe, meeting professional athletes, sports persons and gym enthusiasts. Many sports teams are currently using these shirts in their workout schedules.

TITIN shirts can be worn under normal clothing and they are known to be comfortable as the gel inside the shirts can be easily heated or cooled as per the users specifications. They help people work out no matter where they are or what they are doing.

TITIN has now expanded to United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

If Whaley couldn’t be stopped by a bullet, nothing can stop him.

By Anusree Lakshminarayan

Chartered Accountant Final, 2012
R.A. Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai, Maharashtra
About Me: I completed my schooling in Muscat and then moved to Mumbai for my further studies. I am 20 years old. I love writing, especially fiction, and I have won numerous awards in this field, including 2 High Commendations by the Commonwealth Society for their Annual Essay Competition. I hope to publish a book some day and start a business of my own too. I also play the sitar, paint and am an avid reader. In my free time I also teach children with special needs as a volunteer.

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  1. CA SUJAY K N says:

    Nice article…. All the best for your future….May god bless u…..Bye

  2. usha rao says:

    The article by Anushree is well crafted, with a valued message.Delighted to discover so many other facets of her personality. Certainly, the future belongs to this young, innovative generation who is going to make a huge differance and make  big strides in progress.people like whaley help spread sunshine around.All the best Anushree and Hearty congrats !!!!

  3. Jossen Jose says:

    Very Inspiring indeed !!!! Such articles indeed give those with such creative ideas that much needed motivation to believe in their ideas…And ofcourse on a personal level it is a blessing for lazybones like me to get those much dreamt about chiseled bodies 😉 I for sure would be waiting for further news on TITIN. Thanks a ton Anusree !!!! Keep up the good work !!! God Bless !!!!-Best WishesJossen

  4. RUPESH G.HIRE says:

    Inspirational keep it upbest of luck..

  5. Ram Narayan says:

    Just the sort of new product innovation that will attract zillions of customers and rake in billions!! Anusree, your articulation is outstanding! Thoroughly enjoyed reading your piece. Keep up the great work!

  6. Anusree Lakshminarayan says:

    thanks! you can log on to http://titintech.com/?page_id=6 to find out where the shirts are available since they haven’t been introduced to the indian market yet!

  7. Neerali says:

    i hope they bring these into the market soon!!!

  8. Govardhan says:

    Good job.. Thanks for the information. Could you share more details about TITIN ?. What is the cost of that ?. From where i can purchase that ?.

  9. Suneeth EM says:

    Really worth reading. Great effort by Anushree. Thanks for sharing with us. Expecting more like this from you.

  10. Swapnil Ambawade says:

    wow!! an inspiring article.. boosts up confidence n imagination of college students like us.. good job.. may u win.. u truly deserve..

  11. Hey!!! Its superb!!! Keep it up Anushree!!!!

  12. Deepa Shetty says:

    Superb write up, keep it up Anushree….

  13. darshi says:

    Awesome article….superb articulation….waiting for the product!!!

  14. Tarul Jain says:

     This is really awesome! inspiring and revolutionary… 

  15. KAVITA ALVIM says:

    You make a great writer as well. You have a great flair for writing and keep up the good work. Would love to read more articles you pen. This article was very inspiring. Kudos to you. All the best.

  16. An awesome article. Really very informative. Hope this technology is available soon

  17. An awesome article and very well written!!

  18. Paramesh K says:

    superb story, really inspiring!

  19. Rohan Dhopatkar says:

    THis is such a wonderful example of converting common sense ideas into innovative products for the new age…. Well but surely well captured here in this article. Cheers – Rohan

  20. Ruchita says:

    Very well written article. Thanks for making us aware about a product like this. Hope it is available soon.

  21. Subhasree Lakshminarayan says:

    This is awesome! Revolutionary really… Wonder when it will be made available???

  22. Ankit Khemka says:

    Enlightening!! 🙂

  23. JothiRavi says:

    Great piece of Innovation!! Its the most inspiring article for each one of us to buzz ourselves to remain fit. I really wish for a easy access omega wear jacket!!!Gud luk to U Anu!!!

  24. usha says:

    A very interesting article..well written… congratulations Anu…wish you all the very best…Hope TINTIN reaches the market in India very soon..

  25. Savitha Rajesh says:

    Excellent piece. That shows how to take things positively in life and how with a positive attitude and thinking anything is possible in life.Congratulations Anushree. I am also an ex Podarite and nice to know that you are also from there.God shower you and bless you with the best always.Best wishes.  

  26. Bharati Ranjan says:

    Very good piece of information, didn’t know about this invention.keep it up and all the best.

  27. Nishit says:

    Amazing work. love the idea and the writing! keep it up and all the best!

  28. Gayatri Narasimhan says:

    Path breaking innovation to help the mankind!! Hope the demand for the TITIN will make it a commercial success and take it to everybody who needs it. And also hope it reaches the shores of our beloved India and Sultanate of Oman soon !!!! 

  29. Revathy Mohan says:

    Interesting Read! Goes to prove that nothing can stop a creative mind. Well written piece!Is this available in India?

  30. Badrinath says:

    Hi Well written and inspiring. Seeing genes of Laksh! Badri

  31. Raji Muthu says:

    Very Interesting write up. Very Inspirimg for young entrepreneurs. Well written Anushree…… keep going !! All the Best !!

  32. Shakti patro says:

    well written and informative ………… kip the gud work going.

  33. shynara says:

    a very well written article by anusree…and kudos to Whaley for his wonderful product…!!…way to go!..

  34. Viyoma says:

    Classic Example of Creative Entrepreneurship. Waiting for Omega Wear to be launched in India.Thanks Anusree for this interesting post!

  35. Anuraag Sharma says:

    Awesome Technology…Superb writeup….. thats called A Shooting Success!!! 🙂

  36. Vishala says:

    Very inspiring. An exciting discovery with tremendous potential has been brought out in the article in an interesting manner.Look forward to a business house commercializing the product in a big way.Kudos to the article and best wishes to the young author.  

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