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In India we find a very few Social Entrepreneurs and one among them is this particular team which is always open to its clients . SharingDard.com has created a platform for people to share their emotions , feelings , concerns frustrations etc without disclosing one’s identity.

Today I am here with an Interview by one of SharingDard’s team member Ritika Sharma .

AJ : Hi, thank you for taking time out of your schedule….. So what is the SharingDard.com and what problem do you wish to solve?

Ritika : SharingDard.com is an online platform for sharing emotions; by emotions we mean anything ranging from frustration, confusions, dilemmas, anxiety, fear, anger, guilt to any and every emotion and experience of their daily lives. We started SharingDard.com in order to provide people a place where one can shed off inhibitions and share anonymously and to provide the user a listener at the same time. Each one of us has faced that phase in life where a single thought occupies our mind; we are not able to say it aloud to anyone, not even the person closest to us. Emotional built-up inside leads to many other extreme consequences also which we all are aware of. We all need that space where we can just let it all out, away from all condescending eyes, without any fear of judgement.  That is where SharindDard comes in. 

AJ: So, just how did the idea of the SharingDard.com come about?

Ritika : You must have heard a lot of stories starting from the back of the house, in a garage.. Ours was at a private party in the hostel room no.120 of IIM Lucknow. We were just talking to each other about our personal problems; all of us were in different stages of life and faced different problems. That’s when we thought of this concept. It remained just an idea then. After our successful campus placements we were scattered to different places. An year into our jobs we felt the urge and need to have that listener ourselves. We realized that there are many others who have this need, and that is when SharingDard came into existence. 

AJ: Can you tell us a bit more about your team?

Ritika : We are a team of four enthusiastic people, all graduates from IIM Lucknow – batch of 2011.Sumant handles the operational and strategy for SharingDard. Prior to SharingDard he worked with Airtel. I handle marketing and all external communication of SharingDard. Formerly I was a national key account manager (Modern Trade) at GlaxoSmithKline. Gaurav handles the social media and technical side of the business. He has worked with MNCs like Wipro, Batelco etc for over 4 years. Lima handles the creative and designing part. Prior to SharingDard she worked with Lenovo as a Channel Sales Manager for the Mumbai Region.

AJ: Looking back, do you have any challenge you feel are worth mentioning, especially when starting out?

Ritika : Initially the main challenge was to let go of our comfortable salaries. But once the ball had started rolling we had bigger challenges, mainly with vendors not delivering on time. Other than that this concept in itself is new to the Indian Audience, to get people to understand and realize its importance is a big challenge at hand.

 AJ: What distinct challenges do you foresee in the future that makes the SharingDard.com even more relevant?

Ritika : One major challenge would be increase in the internet penetration and increasing number of internet using population in India alone subcontinent. The more people start using the internet would be a result of modernization which in turn means that more people will become busier; lack of time and people to share your emotions with. SharingDard will definitely be needed even more.

AJ: What do you think are the important factors that make the SharingDard.com a success?

Ritika : Even though we stress that people need to share their problems and that SharingDard.com is the platform for just that, the reality is that without the many users on SharingDard who actually lend sane advice, comforting words to the other users, SharingDard would not be successful. In short the basic human mentality to help out a fellow being with their own experience is what makes SharingDard successful.

AJ: Any golden words of advice for aspiring social entrepreneurs?

Ritika : Never give up heart even in the darkest moments, you can always find a way to work things out. 

AJ: Can you speak a few words about TechAloo.

Ritika : TechAloo is an innovative platform covering plethora of interesting startup stories, right from student start-ups, social start-ups and latest relevant startup news. The navigation is clean and the content is organized in such a manner that is addictive. Great to see so many followers of TechAloo on Facebook as well!

 Get in touch with SharingDard.com :

Website – Www.sharingdard.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/SharingDard

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/SharingDardcom/291418960977804

LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/company/srg-sharingdard-networking-pvt-ltd-

Google Plus – https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114545343129052710846/114545343129052710846/about/p/pub

Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/sharingdard1/

Your Candid Friend – www.yourcandidfriend.com





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