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Aglasem is the friend, philosopher and guide for one’s student life and even beyond. What started with the noble motive of “helping the student community” has grown much larger than that.
Aglasem is here to help students at every step of their life.

School -> College -> Higher Education -> Jobs

Aglasem provides complete package of information, updates, guidance, interaction, exposure; in short everything a student needs in one place to have success delivered at their doorsteps. They are sure that for a student who is working hard and all he/she needs is that one single contact point where the desired help can be available whenever he/she needs, Aglasem will make sure it becomes that one stop solution and a friend.
So how did the founders got such a brilliant idea? Well here is the Once Upon a Time story of Aglasem

In college, especially in an engineering college, 99% of the students start studying a day before the exams. The remaining 1% are those who generously give their notes to their friends. But these sacred notes have to be photocopied. And thus when 200 students queue up outside the one small photocopy shop in the college, it is a sight worth watching!
One such day, in the cold December, Anand Meena, a computer science second year student was waiting in the college photocopy shop with his seniors. It took them over an hour to get ten pages notes each attended to. Though most others were pretty used to this waiting by then, a little something struck in these students’ minds. A student’s plight is best understood by a student himself. So this bright team of students from Delhi Technological University, formerly Delhi College of Engineering decided to find a good solution; and they did. They used the mightiest tool in today’s world, the internet. The idea of Aglasem germinated in their grey cells in the month of January and they started working on the layout, content and everything else. Within twelve days, they launched “”.

These 12 days consisted of scanning 100s of papers, syllabus and what not!

Initially only DCE and NSIT notes, previous year question papers and syllabus were provided. But soon the team realized that a student needs more (After all, yeh dil mange more!). So Aglasem grew bigger as it started addressing more requirements of the students.
More students joined in from various colleges like JMI , IPU. Though in the beginning the idea was not to monetize the thing, it was simply a student help website. Aglasem though showed great potential and it did not take long for the team to realize that this is precisely the need of the hour. And the killer app for Aglasem.

And so they made it the “Complete student help” portal. Now right from CBSE helpline to college admission, higher studies and even jobs; one will get it all here. Also came TIF (The Indian Fusion). Someone had rightly said that writing is an inherent quality of man (or woman). And thus they created a platform exclusively for the young writers, The Indian Fusion.

Aglasem in brief
Aglasem Admissions : For Engineering, Medical and Law Entrance Exams
Aglasem CBSE : CBSE notes, papers, guidance
Aglasem Higher Studies : For CAT, GRE, GATE, GMAT, XAT, SAT, TOEFL and other higher studies options
Aglasem Jobs : Career Opportunities
The Indian Fusion : A platform to express views and opinions
Aglasem Forum: A forum for student – alumni- expert interaction. Here anyone can seek out help regarding anything and get 24 x 7 help
Aglasem mini websites: Here each important college has been covered. Their information has been categorized and provided for student convenience. So anyone who wishes to seek complete information about a college courses, facilities, admissions, updates, students can just come here and see it!

Today, as the Aglasem team proudly works day and night helping students, it gives them an immense satisfaction knowing that they created something that will grow manifolds in the coming years.

The team page today boasts of its core team Anand Meena, Anwesha Bose and also the dedicated student teams from colleges all over the country including IITs, NITs and more. The key to success lies in the student teams who nurture their technical and management skills in the course of professional work in the company.

Caution point for Aglasem – There are 6000+ Engineering colleges in India and education system is not standardized. Hope they won’t lose the edge in attempt to do all and every thing required in the career growth of student’s life. They might have to prioritize and generalize the resource required by the students. Other competitors like,, etc. are also playing in the same market. Since the market is big so lets hope will have the pie for all.

What you see today in Aglasem is only the tip of the glacier. The mammoth idea is just taking the shape!


  1. aiysha says:

    i enjy this site

  2. aiysha says:

    this site isss ver nise

  3. aiysha says:


  4. shruti says:

    itzz really vry hlpful

  5. ashok says:

    God bless you my children, i pray you succeed in your venture and become a great entrepreneur.

  6. badri says:

    Aglasem has always been my curd with sugar before any semester exam. If anyone has to give your semester exams then one must visit aglasem for getting question papers and the books that are required for study. I also was one of the happy down loaders who got his interest of books from the site.

  7. neha says:

    congrats aglasem team, nice to see one more article about you here…

  8. ashok says:

    What I really like about Aglasem is that it covers “everything” a student requires right from the day he enters college. also its sections like “Indian Fusion” and “The Urge” are mind openers, something a student must see. also, i really would like to appreciate its new section of “Success Stories” Way to go Aglasem!!!

  9. Gaurav Choudhary says:

    Well, the site is pretty useful for the student community. The previous year question papers hosted are helpful during Exam time. Indian Fusion is something I’m fond of.

  10. bhavika says:

    i used aglasem when i got into college… it is currently a great source of information for different

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