AglaSem EduCon 2013 – why it will be the biggest education conference in India


AglaSem EduCon 2013 – why it will be the biggest education conference in India

When great minds meet, big things are bound to happen.

My heart felt proud to see the progress Aglasem has made since it was featured by Techaloo in Feb’ 2012 ( – helping the student community). Now, they are ranked ~2000 website in India with over 50000 visitors every day( That’s amazing!!!!!!!!!). This show Aglasem is moving at a pace which most american startup dreams but they can not achieve this phenomenal growth. It has big presence online so I think Aglasem team and its fans will be able to to pull it up and  Educon2013 will be a great success.

Oft repeated is the idea of “India as a developed nation” and “bringing about a change”, isn’t it? What then you may ask, is new about another Education Conference? Right? The answer, dear friends I would like to elaborate if you could please spare a few moments.

As a nation we have come a long way since independence in terms of technology, warfare, politics and education. Yet the shadow of being a developing nation haunts us and we desire nothing less than being a developed and leading country that would set milestones to others. Our nation holds the advantage of being a young one, by young we mean the median age group by demographics. By the year 2020, India will be the youngest nation in the world with a median age group of 29 years only.

Though this piece of information is heart lifting, yet terrorizing at the same time. I ask, do we have enough resources to make this young nation a successful one? Most of the population in a few years will be in the category of “job seekers”, will they be equipped enough to establish themselves? Will they have enough grooming and education to lead India to a better future? Sadly the answer to all is NO.

AGLASEM EDUCON 2013 marks a crucial turn around to address the burning issues of education in India. what sets it apart from any other education conference is the three step process charted out

Step 1 – Bring together the best minds of the country including academicians, technologists, scientists, researchers and education organization representatives; and the young ones in the field like students, new entrepreneurs and everyone who is a part of the education system, including YOU. The platform set for active discussion, debate and deliberation would lead to conclusive ideas regarding what to do next to tackle these issues. This will be done via Panel discussion, audience interaction.

Step 2 – Guidance and resource providing to the newcomers who will change the face of education and technology via their ideas and hard work with the correct mentoring by established entities. B Plan competition on hand would encourage and provide a boost to the young entrepreneurs, while Research Paper presentation would help the keen minds, young scientists in making to move ahead.

Step 3 – Recognize those who have set milestones in education and innovations in learning. EduCon Awards seek to honor those education organizations that have done something exemplary, outstanding and awe inspiring.

Come, be a part of the revolution.

AglaSem EduCon 2013

Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world .


 With a view and aspiration to achieve the pinnacle of Education in India, EduCon 2013 is being organized by AglaSem to act as a forum to the educationalists, academicians, associated professionals, researchers, and students to deliberate on technologies, use, implementation and regulatory issues in Indian elementary, secondary and higher education system.


  • Panel Discussion
  • EduCon Awards Presentation
  • Business Plan Competition
  • Research Paper Presentation
  • Exhibitions


Students, Academicians, Technologists, Innovators, Educationists, Entrepreneurs and anyone who wishes to participate in active discussion and debate or the competitions wherein some of the best minds of the country in the field of education and technology would be present.

For more details, please see


+91 987 189 1385

Note: Techaloo is an online partner for Educon 2013.

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