RitSan Media Ventures Private Limited, a Web 2.0 & Social Media research & training company operating from Amity Innovation Incubator is into Web Research into the Social Domain. The company was initially started as a firm earlier known as “RitSan Web Media” by Siddhant Satija at the age of 19 years during his college. Siddhant is India’s one of the best web researcher and a known Internet Entrepreneur.

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Curiosity if handled with patience bears exemplary results. Siddhant Satija, a lad from Ferozepur, Punjab knew if opportunity does not knock, you got to build a door. His sole aim had been to join NDA, but he could not clear it. Probably, many of us share the same story of losing to chase the sole dream of our lives but it is the second half of the story that this lad has changed with his utmost prodigy and commitment .He does not put his story of this nascent defeat in the list of regrets because he says, “You can’t get success until you are hungry for it “.

The first run-in:

He joined Amity School of Engineering And Technology in 2008 and very soon joined the Amity Innovation Incubator as a trainee. With the help of supportive staff, he learnt to develop websites .His first stint with entrepreneurship happened   when he delivered websites to his clients back then in his first year. Inspirations are never far to find lest we are ready to explore. A final year student from his college who was a part of the student resource portal for the university guided his way through and motivated him for research. He started taking on freelance assignments and delivered a couple of Web 2.0 applications. By this time he had also published several research papers that got featured into national and international Journals and newspapers.

Idea to Innovation:

Like any other teenager who was amazed at the reach and format of social networking sites, Siddhant too was addicted to them but then, he took a step forward in this field, although not being a hard core programmer, he decided to make an innovation in this field .It took him 2 years to customize & get his hands on an open PHP script-Drupal, (a content management system) in such a way that even a layman can create a social networking site using this portal. It does not involve much of coding and can be easily integrated with free services available like you tube or flicker. This research was sponsored by CSIR (Council of scientific and industrial research) at Padampat Singhania University, Udaipur in March and was selected among the top researchers.

Gearing the Engine:

Now he was all set for revving up the engine, thus capitalizing his passion for a social entrepreneurship goal with his earnings through the initial freelancing projects and some personal savings, He then gave wings to his dream by starting up RitSan Web Media (Named after his parents, Ritu and Sanjeev) in 2009. After establishing into the industry digital consulting/training and getting sufficient POC’s Amity funded them and incubated them at their incubator, it thus became- RitSan Media Ventures Private Limited , a Web 2.0 & Social Media research & training company operating from Amity Innovation Incubator in September 2011. It is into Web Research in the Social Domain. Also he has personally gone to various universities and taught 2500+students about web technology.

Initial Hires and Problems:

He initially hired just one friend who took control of the Operation and Business Development part. The only thing he looked in people while hiring them for his first ever entrepreneurship was commitment to work and a hunger to learn. He says,” the rest follows”. Apart from Varun who is second to him in the company, rests all are from the 25-40 age groups. He admits initially it was tough building a good relation but when they see his passion and commitment and they themselves work to the best of their abilities, a bond flowers out of mutual admiration irrespective of the age group. Initially they suffered cash inflows but over the time the base has become stronger and such problems have decreased.  The company is engaged into providing Social Media, Internet Marketing & Web 2.0 Consulting services & is successfully conducting Web 2.0 & Social Media Workshops across various academic institutions and corporates across the globe Through its workshops the company is into a process of generating more and more “dot com entrepreneurs” and is thus an enabler into the Entrepreneurial ecosystem of India.

A dream achieved within another dream:                                                                       

 Well, that’s not all; he always wanted a platform where he could collaborate his passion for web and his love for defense. What has flourished out of this alacrity is the PROJECT-AGYA, named after his late grandmother Agya.

The company runs this online portal known as that is India’s No.1 Defense careers & Awareness Website and is constantly focused amongst National & International Media of the kind of work it had been doing. Initiated in May, 2010, Project Agya is India’s only network that guides and motivates the youth to join the defense forces. Initially started as a blog, the venture has grown to over 30,000 registered users with over one million hits since its inception. It is a strong network of young and retired defense officers from the Indian army and Navy who constantly motivate, guide and solve queries of aspirants across the nation. The youth centric portal aims at encouraging the youth to opt for defense as a career, to look after the families of martyrs in every way possible and to generate a feeling of love, respect and care towards the personnel of armed forces and finally to create youth with a passion for professionalism and patriotism. Project Agya secured second position nationally amongst India’s top social ventures and is the recipient of a prestigious HCL award.






Because of a strong research background and papers published at National & International level, it has been featured in more than 25 newspapers across India & got coverage on TV channels like CNBC besides being amongst Top 20 startups of India. Siddhant is now made it to the top 5 young millionaires and among the top 2 social entrepreneurs.


He is on a mission right now to teach twitter to India, and is coming up with a new product in the social media domain known as, that is twitter based advertising platform where people can earn money by tweeting depending upon their behavior online.


Vision 2020

Besides an aim to be a Million dollar Digital Agency with products catering to commoners RMV Pvt Ltd  also aims at to work with fortune 500 companies at the same time.

Team RitSan aims to be India’s best company teaching professional courses related to Digital Media and Internet at UG and PG level, leveraging the Industry-Academia linkage via its mentor’s network as well as produce more and more Digital Media Entrepreneur’s and hence contributes to India’s GDP.


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