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Hello Friends ,

This is AJ(Aashish Jagini) and Im going to bug you people with my articles from now. Don’t worry they will be interesting and helpful too….

So here goes my first and very basic article – All about an Entrepreneur.

There is an insect which bites everyone and some or the other time. That is the bite of Entrepreneurship .But there are a very few people who notice it and make use of it to the maximum.

And they are the ones who achieve extraordinary things.

Qualities of an Entrepreneur

1.       Never Satisfied with what you have…..

And yes, why should we be ?

When there is lot more to achieve why should we be happy with what we have?

Be it Position , Money or anything ; Never be satisfied with what we have now , Always be thirsty and work smart and a little hard to quench the thirst ….

Always Think Big ….

2.       Think Different

Gone are those days when they used to say thinking out of box is foolishness . This is the generation where you can survive only if you think differently.

All the great people were considered to be fools until their discoveries were proved.

And it doesn’t hurt to be called a fool by fools :p

3.       Never Accept Failure

These people never accept failures. That doesn’t mean they never face failures. Infact these are the people who face more failures than the other usual guys.

But the important thing is these so called Entrepreneurs never STOP. Although their path is filled with failures , they do not rest until they find Success.

4.       Highly Risk Taking

People aspiring to be Entrepreneurs are usually ready to take any risk that might be required for them to get established.

For many of them the first risk is usually to quit their job which gives them fixed income every month with not much effort.

5.       Never get Demotivated

For an Entrepreneur Success never comes in a single day. And in the journey we meet many people waiting to demotivate us either by making fun of us or start cursing us for not taking up a job and earning a fixed income to support the Family. And the sad part is sometimes its our own Family which demotivates us.

But since the challenge we have taken is not an ordinary one , we should never get demotivated . Give all those people a deaf ear , enjoy their comments and curses . Those will make good memories to laugh at once you taste Success.



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