Almamaterstore – A means to Cherish those memories.


A means to Cherish those memories.

A Bangalore based startup that started off just because two school boys’ wanted a sweatshirt with their schools name on it, Not only did they get it for themselves but in the process they created a company that today inspires thousands all across the country. Started in July 2009 by Varun Agarwal and Rohn Malhotra Almamater has since then pioneered in providing leading companies and institutions with memorabilia to remind them of their school/college’s legacy or companys’ as is the case currently.


It may seem like a company that just started out of nowhere and emerged right up there but there’s definitely more to this than meets the eye. Support and belief are two things your parents are most unwilling to give you in most cases and this case was no different for the founders.

To every typical set of Indian parents the idea of their child starting up on his/her own would be nothing short of a nightmare. By hook or crook they’d convince their child to pursue a degree and once done they’d make sure he/she took up a job in a big MNC. That is what they’d call a well set life. Talking about Varun’s mom (founder of AlmaMater) it seemed her son would go door to door trying to sell t-shirts. She forced him into Engineering he finished it and started up after college only for the economic times to feature his company within 3 months of launch. Now his parents realized that their son was in fact capable of doing something worthwhile.

An online website was created within days the orders were coming in the consignments were flying out. Thousands of school and college students were content with the memorabilia they got from alma mater and today the company has roughly 75k fans on facebook and thousands in the real world.

Good ideas are always copied/stolen same was the case with Alma Mater. Dozens of websites have tried to make it big the almamater way most failed some unfortunately have done well. All the same an original idea is always original and will enjoy the originality till it meets its end. The legacy lives on, never copy an idea either come up with your own or steal an original one. Start up only if you have two things an idea and loads of faith in your brainchild.


Rishab V Katrela
JSSATE Bangalore, 2013
About me: I am Rishab currently pursuing B.E. in Mechanical , apart from that a huge Pulsar fan & bike enthusiast hoping to make bikes myself one day


  1. alefiya says:

    very good ! good job    

  2. Suhas says:

    Well done Katrela..good job!

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