“You know John, like we all know, ideas rules the world; and these ideas are well up in me, capable of placing me in the ranks of some of the greatest entrepreneur. But as it seems, this year is already running out; Trust me! I would execute it as my number one New Year resolution”

Lost in thought, as I glance furtively at the engraved tombstone with my face screwed up in concentration as glimpses and memories of the life I’d shared with Roy fleeted across my mind. Not only was I in the throes of a deep seated state of depression but also experiencing the agonising fear of the painful finality of death.

Roy an endearing and unassuming friend of mine who was physically arresting with masculine vitality had tremendous strength of character of an entrepreneur which seemly was not easily ruffled and these made him an exciting and vibrant personality to be with.

There was no half heartedness about my emotion, as my temples had began to throb slightly with headache having completely shattered and initially drained of all emotion but as the realisation of the ideas that died trapped inside of Roy which never saw the light of the day, I was forced to suffer another alternative bouts of depression. He had a functional business built on the faulty foundation of his thought, a classic example of what a dictionary calls a “dreamer”

While the sun shone benignly, I sat huddled on the ground looking not only forlorn in a heart rendering sort of way but grief stricken defeated, sitting slump shouldered with my breath billowed, I could hear rustling in the bushes close by as someone head towards my direction as his feet slough the path strewn with fallen twigs through the cold crisp morning air.

The suffocating cloak of grief weakened all willingness to check who the person really was until I felt his hand rested on my shoulder, and then, I realise that the latent feeling of despondency and depression ebbed away. My limb felt stiff and cramped when I wittingly turn around to see who he was as I got up.

“My name is Nolan Bushnell”, he said softly with his eyes impassive after a thoughtful pause. He had an easy masculine gait that gave him an air of remarkable assurance. “You know that this cemetery houses similar kind of your friend?, and it is a shame that it often had to take a drastic and final circumstance as death to help us realise the infinite worth of our ideas and nothing die quicker than a new idea in a closed mind” he said sullenly.

While taking a stroll in the cemetery, I was made to realise by Nolan, that it is the movement of the actions I took that would create the self I wanted to be. A person is never what he ought to be until he is doing what he ought to be doing. The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something, it’s as simple as that. A lot of people in these graves had ideas that would catapult them to be great entrepreneur but there are few who decide to do something about them now; not tomorrow, not next week, but today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer

As we continue our hike, I saw a freshly well dug grave and with curiosity I managed to asked with keen interest why the grave was dug with no corpse inside and I receive a shocking reply “this the reason you are here; to make the decision because presently you are in a crossroad and if time fails you, you will be found among these men”; I cringe in self pity, as I basically flickered and averted my face in shame when I was slightly taken aback. Admittedly, my experience is far from unique, my excuse for not being a “doer” regarding my entrepreneurial ideas lacks essential concreteness and thus vague and baseless like Roy’s decision.

Startled, my conscience was override by a feeling of inadequacy as I looked pensive at the thought of what Mr Nolan said; and in a terrified state, I asked with a slurred voice “how can I stop from being a dreamer and start to be a doer”. With a flicker of amusement etched on his face, he answered expansively that “firstly you must understand what an entrepreneur is. An entrepreneur is someone who perceives profitable opportunities and is willing to take risks in pursing them and have the ability to organise a business”.

I listened with rapt attention as he opined that “The process of being an entrepreneur has been described as going through at least four phases. The conception (when the would be entrepreneur perceives an opportunity), the gestation phase (when opportunity is evaluated), the infancy phase (when the firm is created) and the adolescence phase (where the firm matures). The entrepreneur as an initiator of the business process has a generic function of giving sense of direction to the organisation in the area of planning, innovative function, risk taking, organisation, strategizing, continuous improvement and learning. Business venture are not the results of innovative ideas alone but by sheer tenacity of purpose to be determined, persistent and get up as you learn from your mistake when you fall”.

“Tell me more”, i said raising a quizzical eyebrow and he responded that “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has courage to lose sight of the shore and there are alot of ways to become a failure but never taking a chance is the most successful. Some individual are not willing to take risk of conceptualizing a business idea and implementating such idea because uncertainty of its successful outcome is used as a trump card. In getting started, one cannot overstate the importance of a feasibility studies and SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats) analysis to discover what you do well and how you could improve.”

I heaved a huge sigh of relief as we headed towards the exit of the cemetery, and as we move, right about the threshold of thanking Mr Nolan effusively, I observed the weather changing and suddenly a bright light shone from the sky resulting in the whole place  being awash in the profusion of the light.

The next thing I could remember was squinting at the sudden brightness of a hospital room as I try opening my eyes. Standing right beside my bed were my sulking wife, nurses and doctors with mouth wide open in awe; I guessed from the situation on ground, I have been in coma for weeks and they were shocked by how I survived. in a rare moment of introspection, I felt so conscience stricken having realise through this avalanche of sordid revelation that there are 2 types of I wish I’d done that senerios; the first is when you genuinely feel you didn’t capitalize on an opportunity or that you missed out on something. The second is when you see somebody who’s done something great and you wish it had been you.

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    A vivid and riveting piece that tasks all humans to make use of opportunities in life.

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