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Angel’s Gate ( is Asia’s latest reality TV Series for Entrepreneurs. It is supported by leading venture funds. The TV reality show of Angel’s Gate gives a life time opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to the Gate Keepers (who are Asia’s successful investors). The life time opportunity to pitch before the Gate keepers live on TV show is decided by Angel’s Gate. Once entrepreneurs crosses the Gate Keepers the chances of getting investment is wide open to them.


The Gate keepers are William Klippgen (internet investor and successful entrepreneur), Patrick Grove (Asia’s best young entrepreneurs), Ken Mandel (industry veteran in the digital advertising & technology arena) , Karan Singh Thakral (born entrepreneur), and Prof. Sheila Wang (Adjunct Professor at NUS Business School)


Crowd Funding:

Entrepreneurs can further get funded by starting a project at Angel’s gate and using its crowd funding platform (similar platform exist in Netherland, and in USA Kiva). At Angel’s Gate crowd funding system entrepreneurs post their idea and how much fund they seek in realizing the project from the crowd. Its all-or-nothing based system which means if one asked 100k funding and if crowd funded 100k then only entrepreneur can get the fund to use supported by PayPal, if 1 dollar less in the desired fund before the deadline date , then entrepreneur will not get the funding and crowd will get their money back. People who have funded the project can track the progress of the project and in return entrepreneur offer pre-determined benefits to their backers. Crowd can fund a project starting from SGD 1.0.


Crowd Sourcing:

Entrepreneurs can also get best people from the crowds to realize and make their project successful. At Angel’s Gate crowd sourcing platform they can build the team online. The best and talented people can join the particular team by searching the project suitable for them and apply for the positions available.


Investors: Investors always look out for best deal to venture at Angel’s Gate. The investor who believes in Asia has promising future look for interesting and promising venture to invest.


The Gate Keepers brief profile as below (adapted from Angels’ Gate site):


William Klippgen (@klippgen), head of Tigris Capital which invest in early stage digital media companies across Asia and Europe. He is an internet investor & entrepreneur whose company was acquired by Yahoo! in one of Europe’s largest internet transactions. He is a Singapore based Norwegian investor. He was founder of (acquired by Kelkoo in 2000). Yahoo Inc. acquired kelkoo in 2004 in one of the biggest internet transactions of Europe. Since 2003, he is heading Tigris capital and co-founded Singapore seed investment fund in 2006, which invest in fast growing tech start-ups.

William believes in helping entrepreneurs succeed as part of giving back to the community.


Patrick Grove (@patrickgrove), ranked as one of Asia’s best young entrepreneurs by both Bloomberg BusinessWeek and the World Economic Forum, is a successful Eurasian media entrepreneur and Group CEO of Catcha Group. He is also the co-founder and Deputy Chairman of iProperty Group (IPGA).

After the dot com crash his company was facing bankruptcy, Patrick managed to turn around the time and his company became one of the rare survivors of dot com crash.

Catcha Group is now one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic online investment groups with several portfolio companies worth over US$150m in total and successfully founded and led 2 companies from start-up to IPO ( and Their portfolio of titles includes JUICE, Stuff, K-Zone, Evo, MiNT, Fairways, Clive,,, and Prestige.


Ken Mandel (@kmandel)has Midas touch, wherever he goes his impact is felt quickly. He is an industry veteran in the digital advertising & technology arena.

He recently founded Jam Ventures a boutique accelerator that works with promising Asian start-ups in the media and technology space as well as larger US based organizations wanting to enter Asia Pacific. He has held C-level management positions across the Asia Pacific region with Bates, 141 Worldwide, XM Asia, Ogilvy & Mather and Yahoo! Asia Pacific. Ken is currently Managing Director of Buddy Media Asia Pacific.


Karan Singh Thakral, a born entrepreneur, as young teenager he took over his family business and in 7 years made 60 million from 600 sq. ft. shop. Down the line he listed his company Thakral Corporation Ltd. on Singapore Stock Exchange. He chairs various organization including South Asia Business Group and TiE Singapore Chapter.

Apart from consumer electronics, Mr. Thakral’s portfolio consists of textile and real estate ventures. He was part of the International Joint Venture with leading Apparel manufacturing group – Marzotto of Italy. He oversaw direct investments in numerous real estate projects in India, in addition to investments as a member of Singapore Consortium.

Attributing his success to a never-give-up attitude, Karan is looking forward to mentoring the next world class entrepreneur.

The TV Guide of Angel’s Gate is available at :

Professor Sheila Wang (Guest Judge at Angel’s Gate) is an Adjunct Professor at NUS Business School, teaching MBA candidates. With years of senior business leadership experience in the Silicon Valley and in Asia Pacific, she brings with her in-depth business knowledge and experience both in academia and industry. She brings a different perspective, flair, and analytical eye to the Angel’s Gate.

Angel’s Gate mobile app for android, iPhone, and blackberry is also available at .

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