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Today I bring you an Interview with Mr.Chandan Mishra from which was launched with the objective of breaking the gap between customers and dealers/customers and customers. Aonestall’s approach is completely customer centric – providing the best online shopping experience to the customers- great selection of books and products, lowest price, faster delivery, simple user interface and  the best customer service experience. 

AJ: How the entrepreneurship journey started? Or who inspired you to start business?

Chandan: Entrepreneurship journey started last year near about June when I was doing an internship in Excellence Technologies and worked on their Start-up Product [India’s First Freelancing Marketplace] which prompted me to start my own firm as I loved the whole working experience of worknhire from start to the finish. So basically I was inspired by myself and worknhire success when we started

AJ: When did you start the journey?

Chandan: Journey started with a meeting at Connaught Place, Delhi between me and my friends [Ankit, Dhruv, Sumit] on 23rd March where we planned to work on Aonestall. Aonestall was live and we had some offline clients as well but officially we have launched Aonestall for general Public after Cbse Results.

AJ: How much funding initially needed, where did you get the start-up funding? Any angel investors helped you?

Chandan: Initially we have started with low funds around 1.5 Lakh for stock on Aonestall but this could increase as we get more people and investors. Part  of the funding came from a contest called Portothon-A blackberry Developer Challenge where I won nearly 80 thousand and decided to invest all in Aonestall and other part of funding is made by other Members of Founding team of Aonestall. We are still searching and talking to investor groups and angel investors regarding Aonestall but no positive Response yet but this will change as Aonestall will start to reach to the general public and with social media promotion.

AJ: What was the vision mission of the company? What exactly you wanted to do when you started your business?

Chandan: Our only vision to start Aonestall was to deliver the product at the cheapest Rate Possible [bole to sasta nhi sabse sasta].As in India every customer wants the Quality Product at the minimum Rate Possible. So what I wanted to do when I and my friends started this company is to remove the dealer-customer margin of prices to the lowest possible price. I am not only talking about new products but old products too. There is a big queue for customers who looks for old [used] products as well and this market is still haven’t reached to the customers properly through eCommerce Companies yet…

AJ: Tell us about your target customers?

Chandan: Our Target Customers are those who wants to buy  be it a college guy, a school kid, a housewife or a working person. We have started with books as we know books is the common thing between all generations, but soon we will start exploring new categories as well as we get more funds , team members and investors.

AJ: What kind of difficulties you had faced while starting/doing business?

Chandan: The one basic difficulty which every start-up faced is funding and we were no different. I have been thinking to start it a long time ago but trusted partners, funding and execution took a lot of time to reach at this point where we are today. Researching the whole scenario of  buy and sell from a common store to the  publisher was really a tough challenge and still an on-going process but all is well if it ends well and I know the really tough period will start from now on.

AJ: Tell us about happiest moments of your journey?

Chandan: Our aha moment happened when we got the initial funds for our start-up. According to me Idea, Execution and funds all it requires to start a new venture and among those only funds was a real problem for us but the day we got funds that was a big relief for us. After that executing the plans successfully and getting good partners was really a good moment for me. But let me tell you what actually will be a real happiest moment for me-Seeing a good growth with positive feedback from customers and friends.

AJ: What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?

Chandan: We are starting mainly with books in the Delhi – ncr region and have plans for inclusion for new categories, and materials in years to come with success, new partners and hopefully a lot more investors in the picture. I like to see Aonestall as one of the game changers in the eCommerce industry and hoping to see Aonestall growing from Delhi to other parts of India in near future.

AJ: It is generally said that “India doesn’t have a good eco-system for entrepreneurs”, Do you agree with this?

Chandan: Well my answer would be “No” if you had asked me this question 3-4 years back but things have changed drastically in India in past 3 years. Now everyone is ready to help, guide and advise you.

AJ: Who are there from the beginning of your company and how you recruit new team mates?

Chandan: As I am still in college so all my partners are my school and college friends. Ankit is my best friend from my school days and a very hard working person without whom the execution of Aonestall has never been started. Sumit and Dhruv are my college friends who did lots of marketing research for Aonestall.  Ravi Pratap who had made some wonderful softwares is also recently become our team member and that is a big boost for us. We are open for new ideas, plans and new team members, if anybody is interested to have a chat then kindly drop an email at We are looking for good designers/offline workers/data entry operators/business executives as well for our Aonestall Team so if you are a good UI-UX/CSS designer/Online Marketer/Business Marketer and looking for a wonderful working experience then kindly contact us with your resumes at

AJ: Should a student join a start-up just after completing his education? Or work experience in an established company is better?

Chandan: It depends on lots of things like-idea, funds, the nature of industry and other factors .If you are implementing an idea which requires having some experience of working then yes. Like you cannot start a business on share market until you have known all the things about share market so in that case you should work in similar business related companies before you can start your own. Generally speaking most of the start-ups have started their journey just after college/graduation but yes having the work experience in related domain has an edge over no experience start-up.

AJ: What will be your advice/suggestion for new entrepreneurs for starting new business?

Chandan: I shall say everyone who wants to start his/her own venture-Stop thinking and Just do it. As a popular quote says-if you fail you can guide and if you succeed then you can lead.

AJ: Can you tell us your opinion on

Chandan: I remember once I was looking for some sites on entrepreneurship and I found where I saw lots of inspiring chats/interviews of some fantastic people who started their start-up. So Techaloo is certainly one of the best sites to explore for entrepreneurs like me.



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