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Deepanshu and Vasishta (20), two childhood friends  realized that bootstrapping yourself is not easy. After gaining this thought from experience in startups they started their own venture “Ascian Consultancy” to help startups to start and grow.

Apart from providing startup consultancy they are also providing services in the field of “Brand Management” and “Online Technologies”.

It is surely a needed destination for young startups. Techaloo got an opportunity to have a chit chat with Vasishta Chary, Co-Founder @ Ascian. Let’s see what he wants to share with us.

Techaloo : When did you start your journey?
Ascian Consultancy was started in April 2013, it was a reaction of both the founders quitting their respective positions in different Startups and coming together to start as their own.

Techaloo : What made you motivated to join the entrepreneurship community?
Well, we both from school time have been interested in Starting on our own and we tried opening from school time, but initially we faced lots of hurdles, but after gaining experience with other startups, we decided to start up together and voila we started Ascian Consultancy.

Techaloo : Where are you based out of?
Our home town is Delhi, while both study elsewhere (I, Vasishta in Ahmedabad and Deepanshu in Hyderabad), our operations is focused in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.


Techaloo : How did this Idea come to your mind?
When we both were working for different firms we realized that most startups have lots of issues and we realised that it is difficult to bootstrap yourself. Throughout school and now through college life, we were always the leaders of change, so we figured that, our characteristic shortcomings and selling points and our warm personalities combined together could prove much more useful. We Brainstormed all night, and decided to change the situation and do something worthwhile. After 12 hrs. Of gruelling brainstorm and countless thought-trains we came up with the answer, a start-up to assist pre seed ideas and help them establish themselves as start-ups

Techaloo : Why the name Ascian?
The word Ascian means “without a shadow/imprint” and it tells about our methods that we don’t leave a common imprint on any of our clients and we are there just to give them a push, not hold their hand their hands rest of their lives.

Techaloo : What was your vision/mission while starting Ascian?
Well we had one change the Entrepreneurial World with our ideas and passion to make way for other to come up and succeed. Now working team of experts from a plethora of fields’ of finance, marketing, web designing, legal, etc. we are able to provide all-round solution approach to you and solve your hurdles in a single go.

Techaloo : What hurdles did you face while starting?
well Bootstrapping oneself is a piece of cake, but the biggest issue we faced was collecting core team, as I realized good people have their own startups or already are associated with either a bigger organization or a startup, so one has to hand pick people and mentor them and make them a part of the growth of the organization cos unless you have a good team it’s not that easy to do good work, secondly we faced the issue of us being students and people around us  not supporting/assisting us with their resources and support in the initial phase, cos we never presented the idea in any competition/event/platform or never presented them to anyone, but now after a 10 months things have changed a lot.

Techaloo : What is the role of Ascian in building a startup?
We can assist an startup in various ways, primarily being supporting them at Idea Stage, then we also assist them to expand their business/idea/product and we also provide services like web presence management, branding and positioning, Social Media Marketing, Legal Assistance and Crowd funding Consultancy.

Techaloo : Why should a startup use Ascian services for bootstrapping?
Well the question is why not use us, we are someone they can connect to, cause we are of mostly their age, we have firsthand experience in bootstrapping and we have vast network of people we can connect them too, and we are someone who are not in this for money but for genuine pleasure of entrepreneurship.

Techaloo : What are the major difficulties faced by entrepreneurs?
Well in my experience with entrepreneurs, there are 3 major issues

Firstly: Social/Parental/Institutional/Peer Pressure, telling them it’s stupid to think of becoming Tata-Birla-Ambani and after some time they succumb to it.

Secondly: Networking Issue, getting introduced into a new network is a difficult task and sometimes it takes weeks for that to happen.

Third: Good Clients are hard to come by, every person who has good amount of money and work will go to established professionals and startups only get smaller clients in initial stages.

Techaloo : What are the services provided by Ascian?
Well we have a huge list of services but our major domain is Startup Assistance, Web Presence Management, Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development, Investment Consultancy, Crowd Funding Consultancy, You can see rest of the services on our website

Techaloo : Have you got any kind of funding? Or are you planning for the same?
No we have not gone for any kind of funding, but we might go for funding for our future projects.

Techaloo : What are the major portfolio fields which you are handling?
Some of our Major clients have been
GMR Varalakshmi Foundation – We made their internal DBMS,
BITS Hyderabad – We made their Comp Sc Club Website,
PDPU Green Run – We sponsored their Website and Ran Publicity Campaigns, Muskaan’13 By WARDS Foundation – We were their marketing partner,
Sports Coach India – BITS student Startup – we are fully handling their profile, Manpreet Dhami – We handle his entire online and offline profile

Techaloo : How is the response till now?
We have gotten mixed response but then now its picking up, we currently have 3 startups whom we are fully mentoring and assisting including a NGO, other than that we also have 2 major projects underway so ill sat it was a good year.

Techaloo : You are just 20 year old and a student, how does it feel to build a startup at this age?
Frankly it does not make much of a difference to us personally other than engaging all my time and resources, but yes our standing amongst people has improved, people see us with a different lens now, other than that no big difference came to my life.

Techaloo : What difficulties do student startups face generally?
The biggest problem is clash between work and college and personal life, it’s difficult to balance work and personal life itself when you are running the company but throw Indian college system into it, life becomes tough and hectic and sometimes you have to compromise something or the other and that’s a hard choice to make.

ascian3Techaloo : What will be your advice for new startups?
Well we personally would advise startups on 3 factors:
First: Learn to be goal oriented instead of running for a grand success and keep updating your goals to keep yourself motivated and go steady, you have your entire life at your steps
Second: Learn your limits and accept it, You are not perfect and you need not know everything of everything and be proud of that fact, cos “The Diamond is not found perfect, its molded into perfection and beauty“.
Third: Learn From your failures, you shall fail, rise from the failure and ride into success, Honestly speaking even I have failed, one of our first marketing clients in New Delhi was failed by us, we accepted our failure and we rose again and are standing strong.

Techaloo : What are your plans for next 3 years?
Right now we are looking to expand our reach to colleges and are running campaigns across India for the same, while on the other hand we are planning to open a co-working space, and finally we are launching Ascian Labs and launching a series of introductory modules for bootstrappers

Techaloo : What do you think about
I admire the effort of Techaloo and salute them for the step they have taken to support the entrepreneurial family – Keep up the Great Work.


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Mohit Bansal(23) is B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India. He has interest in business and entrepreneurship and has published couple of research articles. He is also associated with various NGOs. He is with Techaloo when it was just in concept stage. The Techaloo site was not existing even then. Currently Mohit is working with Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst Profile.

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    Nicely done with plain truth vividly put. honest expression keep it up n walk the talk

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