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Aura’s Strength is  innovation, HERBAL DYEING which completes Ecological cycle, which no other dyeing technique can achieve, and this is their USP.their innovation the Herbal Dyeing Technique is their competitive advantage. Mr. Arun Baid has personally innovated process himself.They have applied for Indian Patents & U.S. Patents.The customized pricing according to the customers and the number of orders gives an edge to Aura Textiles.

Marketing Startegy:


  1. Facts about your industry: Organic textile is need of time.International Bodies like GOTS, Skal are being form to standardize, monitor and control use of chemicals.
  2. Total size of your market:Organic cotton sales have increase 83% from 2006 to 2007, and is expected to be $6.8 billion by 2010. All most all of it is chemical dyed. Therefore, the market potential is huge.
  3. Percentage share of the market you have:  Our is a niche product, the entire market is open for us.
  4. Current demand in target market : Our sales are growing 100% every year.Growth potential is huge as the market is growing at 83% year on year.
  5. What barriers to entry keep potential new competitors from flooding into your market?

a)High capital costs
b)High production costs
c)High marketing costs
d)Consumer acceptance/brand recognition
f)Unique technology/patents

6.How could the following affect your company?

a)Change in technology: They being pioneers have an edge over others.

b)Government regulations : Govt policies are encouraging environment friendly textiles.

c)Changing economy: The product is in growth stage, and demand is way greater the supply that economy can    affect the growth.

d)Change in your industry: They are the pioneers in the industry and making our own standards for the industry. However they comply to international standard and are certified by GOTS.

Product Competition: All organic textiles conventionally dyed, Vegetable Dyed & Eco-friendly dyeing.
Companies: Harmony Prints, Near Sea’s Naturals,  Penchant India, Peaceful Sole, Alps India.

Marketing Strategy:

  1. Promotion:
    Word out to customers.
    Websites, Mails, Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Personal Visit, Invites, Visit from Buyers, Word of Mouth, Environmental Institutes, Workshops, Personal Visits, Awareness Program.
  2. Advertising:
    They use Internet, Brochures, and newsletters, magazine, media.
  3. Aura uses different methods like Public Relations, International & Domestic Trade shows, Events, Publications, News, Speeches, Public –Service Activities.

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