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Commuting by Auto-rickshaw is very interesting, but auto-rickshaw  hunting is challenging and irritating as well. We often faced difficulty in finding auto-rickshaw at the right place and the right time. In general we face this problem especially in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore ,Chennai ,Kolkata etc.


!Ay Auto! When three MBA student Gopi Arvind ,Shreyash Parekh and Vikas Menon shouted during night times from outside their campus, they couldn’t find any black and yellow.  This happened numerous times and then desperate times called for desperate measures. The trio put their heads together and came up with something to make the lives of every Punekar easier. Thus the ideas came for AyAuto.

AyAuto is a Dial-an-Auto rickshaw service based in Pune, Maharashtra. The word itself speaks its importance. AyAuto is a startup that is started on September 5,2011 .AyAuto is started by Gopi Arvind from Hyderabad, Shreyash Parekh from Pune, Vikas Menon from Cochin.  All are post graduate student in communication from FLAME and taken a course on entrepreneurship from the same.

Initial Investment

At present, with the help of  Incubation Centre at FLAME trio have invested around 10 lakhs in AyAuto. FLAME Incubation Centre is very helpful for them to providing guidelines, space for office and other equipments for the start up


Why AyAuto

There are many people who use auto for travelling in cities and they face problems like availability of auto at odd hour, availability of auto in outskirts area, paying higher than the meter reading  etc. AyAuto is solution of all this. This service is very useful for commuters as well as drivers. AyAuto’s autos are not only charged by meter but also tracked by GPS tracking device.




Business Model

This startup is currently active in only Pune . AyAuto is stared with 5 rickshaws and initially they hired drivers on monthly salary. But to grow the business they started to hire rented drivers on rental basis. In this rental scheme driver has to give them a rent or commission on each customers provided by them. AyAuto drivers have to pay a registration fee and a small deposit for GPS tracking device.

How Its Works

AyAuto is operational 24×7. One has to call on 844-600-1234 to book an auto and has to tell the pick up point and destination address. AyAuto will take about 30 minutes to pick up the commuter. Once  booking is done AyAuto will send  a driver nearby your location to you at earliest and after that the driver’s name and number will be texted to you.

For this service a commuter has to pay meter charges plus Rs15. Other charges like waiting charges, night charges, luggage charges are applicable as par Pune RTA. This extra Rs 15 is taken as convenience/service fee. Waiting charges of 1Rs/min are applicable after 5 minutes of picking time given by commuter. This whole process is GPS tracked.

Marketing Strategy

AyAuto use auto-rickshaws for marketing and use mouth –publicity as well. Drivers give small calling card to commuters who use their auto rickshaw.

Along with that they are having a strong presence on Facebook and twitter and Google as well.

The AyAuto team is currently developing a application for android user so that commuter can book auto with just an click and track how far the auto from his/her location.



AyAuto at Present

AyAuto was started with 5 rickshaws and currently they are having around 75+ rickshaws and numbers are keep on increasing day by day.

Three months ago they were just providing  night service only (7 pm to 7 am) . During that time they were getting around 70-80 calls per night with 60-70 % dispatch success. Now they have started day service as well and currently call traffic is around 200-300 calls/day with almost 100% dispatch success rate.

They have completed 15000 successful pickups since their launch in September. They  have completed 4000 successful airport pickup/drops. And that is all by meter every time, On time.

Online booking facility is also available from Feburay .Go to http://ayauto.in/ and book your Auto.


Future Plan

AyAuto wants to increase their auto strength to 1000 in Pune itself and looking for some enthusiastic firm for funding. AyAuto will make presence in other cities as well.

AyAuto has plan for their expansion in whole country but next target will be for Chennai and Hyderabad . AyAuto is growing very nicely and fast in Pune and receiving proposal for partnerships. AyAuto may come up with some partner in future.

Along with their expansion they want to make some changes in exiting rent schema as part of future planning. For online booking  the convenience/service fee will get reduced from Rs15 .


Getting there: Call Ay Auto on 8446001234 or visit http://www.ayauto.in, operational in all areas under the PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation ).


Pros of AyAuto

1. Book and Auto by phone

2. Online booking

3. Travel anywhere on meter charge

4. Fitted with GPS to keep safe.

Cons of AyAuto

1. Currently available only in Pune.

2. Rs 15 convenience/service fee.


For further information read blog  http://blog.ayauto.in/.

To read the customer feedback about AyAuto service go to AyAuto facebook page.

You can follow on twitter, login on Facebook .



Vikas Sharma

VIT University,Vellore, 2010

About Me: Currently, I am working as Software Engineer at CISCO System India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. I have done my B.Tech (ECE) from VIT University, Vellore. My  passion is to do some innovative works.


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  26. Rahul Kanoi says:

    The idea is cool, I would advice to leverage existing auto than purchasing new ones.

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    Thanx Manisha for ur appreciation.
    Thanks Ambika for ur appreciation..
    Hey Mahesh..I seriously consider your comment and hope AyAuto founders as well…One advantage that i can see here is –Auto is always targeted by a mass community and taxi is limited with above middle class range…Anyways Thanks for ur genuine critics…:)
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  57. Vikas Menon says:

    Thanks for publishing about AyAuto! Just wanted to update that we have 75+ drivers!

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