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BeLuvv, a Taiwan based startup has entered in an innovative product development field. BeLuvv started just 6 Month ago, and got an international recognition in such a small time span.BeLuvv has developed two innovative products till now –

1) Guardian
2) Pet Tracker

Guardian has 4 major functions to help parents:

1. Safety Alert
Parents can set the size of a safety perimeter. When their children go near the limits of this perimeter, a notification is sent immediately to the parents’ smartphones.

2. Family Co-guarding
Parents can invite their relatives, friends and neighbors to install Guardian app, allowing trusted ones to help create a watertight safety network. By checking their smartphones, parents can immediately find out whom their children are with.

Guardian_bracelet3. Emergency Search
Once a child goes missing, an emergency search can be launched immediately. When the child in question passes by a person using Guardian app, the cloud system immediately sends the location to the parents. The app also marks down locations at which no signal was received, allowing parents to pinpoint their children’s whereabouts more quickly.

4. Global Guardian Network
Everyone can become a member of the Global Guardian Network by installing the Guardian app. The more people who join up, the more expansive and accurate the system becomes.

About Pre-Launch response for “Gaurdian”, BeLuvv Says “The response of Guardian pre-order is very successful, we receive orders from every country. Lots customers wrote us, telling as their story and how thankful for the invention of Guardian.”

They are working on pet tracker now, will release it the earliest moment we can. Just like Guardian, the Pet Tracker will use the technology of BLE, other functions still under developing.

Techaloo got an opportunity to have a conversation with team Beluvv, let see what they have in it.

Techaloo : What was your vision/mission while starting BeLuvv?
BeLuvv : Our brand story:
We believe that spreading love is the meaning behind our product’s existence. Between parents and children, between men and women, between friends and between siblings, love in all its forms is one of the most important aspects of our lives. The most important value of our product is about spreading love, and allowing love to manifest itself in our daily lives. By providing an affordable, innovative, high-tech and cleverly designed wearable, we hope to help make the world a better place.

Techaloo : What hurdles did you face while starting?
BeLuvv : Marketing. Because we are a taiwan-based start up, with tight budget and lack of international media connections. It was difficult to find the right media to communicate with them.

Techaloo : Have you got any kind of funding?
BeLuvv : Currently, its our own fund to run this business.

Techaloo : Explain a little more about BeLuvv and its concept?
BeLuvv : BeLuvv is derived from the words “be loved.” We sincerely hope to allow people to experience love through our products. This is a motivation that has been with us since the beginning. Products by BeLuvv are ultimately products about love.

Pinpoint child when he's missing (1)Techaloo : What is “Guardian Network?
BeLuvv : Guardian app is free, the more people install the app the network will become more accurate and powerful. Once a child is missing, parents could launch emergency search via Guardian network, if the child passed by a person using Guardian app, the cloud system will immediately sends the location to parents. The app also will marks down locations at which signal was received, allowing parents to pinpoint their children’s whereabout more quickly.

Techaloo : What is “Give One Love” offer?
BeLuvv : We believe that profit making is only one aspect of corporate management. We believe that a company’s most important mission is giving back to society. Therefore, we’ve initiated the Give One Love project to further expand our corporate social responsibility.
There are many people around the world who are less fortunate than us. We want to help them. When our customers buy two BeLuvv products, we will donate one to those in need. We believe that by doing this, we will be taking a small step toward making the world a better place.

Our goal is to give 8,000,000 pieces of Guardian to people in need, 8,000,000 is the estimate number of missing children each year around the world. We hope with the aid of Guardian could decrease the number, bring those children back home and make the world safer for kids.

Techaloo : Do you have any other product pending in your lab?
BeLuvv : Yes, we do have lots of ideas need to be done. Guardian will not be the only one product of BeLuvv. We try to connect technology to people and love. This is our mission and it will never stop.

Techaloo : What are your plans for next 3 years?
BeLuvv : To bring our brand Beluvv into every family’s door. We have a net device for pet coming and some more after this. We want to be a leading brand delivering/protecting love. Besides, for our give one love campaign, we really want to achieve our goal and make the world peaceful, safe, and no children will ever go missing again.

Techaloo : What will be your advice for budding entrepreneurs?
BeLuvv : Be practical, be international, be bold.

Techaloo : What do you think about
BeLuvv : is a professional startup news platform, we love it. As there are so many startups in Asia, is exactly the channel that we need.

Meet The Team

jf Jonhy Fang
A serial entrepreneur, loving husband, kind father of two, dear brother to his sister, beloved son of his parents, understanding friend to many, passionate founder of two companies — Fang plays multiple roles that involve love. In his life mission to discover more effective ways of spreading love, he has held on to the firm belief that the world can be changed.
dh Dizzy Ha
“Life is full of surprises”
Dizzy started his career as a designer for a fashion magazine. Judging from his experience, it is fair to say that Dizzy is a multi-talented and highly experienced creative director. Apart from being a creative director, Dizzy is also a father, a husband and a brother. Because of these roles, he has gained deep insight into things that cannot be ignored.
oc Oni Chen
“Everyone can change the world by doing things little by little”
28 years old, majored in marketing, worked for three software-related start-ups. Oni is always enthusiastic about exploring new and interesting things. Known to be a maverick he likes to achieve his goals in innovative ways.

Mohit Bansal(23) is B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India. He has interest in business and entrepreneurship and has published couple of research articles. He is also associated with various NGOs. He is with Techaloo when it was just in concept stage. The Techaloo site was not existing even then. Currently Mohit is working with Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst Profile.

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