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In the present world where the “contact” is the bridge for everyone’s growth..
And when it comes to student ,technology and institutes they are interrelated but not connected firmly. is a startup which aims to overcome this problem.
This startup is providing solutions to students , institutes and corporate.
Various renowned institutes are its members like IIT, MADRAS and NIT, KURUKSHETRA

Lets see what the startup does in words of its founder shantanu pandey(finaly year engineering student).

We at blooming link are trying to eliminate all problems faced by students, institutes and corporate in interlinking with each other. These three sectors are very vital sectors that are growing at an enormous pace. Hence it’s becoming all the more difficult day by day to manage the interdependent needs of all.

Thus at blooming link we are building a unique platform, with unique services and features that would facilitate all requirements of these sectors, managing all issues pertaining to their external linkages and provide them with just the adequate type of support they wished they could get.

Getting sponsorers for your event, not a big issue now. Plan an event and contact us. We will get you the best of deals. Promote your events, programs, views and discussions on a common platform. Get in touch with leading institutes and corporate and link with each other. Be a part of the idea sharing platform where we would produce leaders, bring out champions. An opportunity to share, promote and help them. Opportunity to stand for the society and for the values we wish to foster in the generations to come.

Talking business, we are professionals and would give all our efforts to help you gain from us and our services. We will add value to your business by promoting, publicising it, now get offers for lectures workshops and even ask us to arrange for them at just a click of the button. Get funding, sponsorers, surveys, students, your profile, advertisements, idea linking, social links at a common platform.

For students it’s a platform best suited to follow their passion, get aware, write, read, learn and link with the world around. Increase their know-how? And know-why? Get funding from corporate, help from institutions. Link with innovative thinkers and chalk out your own path through our idea link platform.

And at the end the most important thing we do:


why did they do??

I did not know why I actually wanted to do this? But I knew for sure there were some problems in these three sectors. Being a part of the organizing committee at college I always felt about issues hampered the productivity of the students as well as posed problems for the institutes and corporate willing to support them. There was a definite need and requirement for a platform which could eliminate such issues and bring everyone together with its distinguished services.
The idea came to me when we (I, my friend Apoorva and Rohit) were completely clueless about a business plan that we had to present. We thought upon this and realized the big opportunity we had if we offered a platform with such services. And that was the time when blooming link got its name. The idea did work too, as we bagged the prize for the business plan.

But I never wanted an idea that remained an idea. I wanted to execute it. I was very fortunate to meet Vatsal( now as Technical Lead, blooming link) who believed in me and my idea, and toiled together with me day and night to design and develop a platform we name blooming link. A platform we named because we believed, it would always bloom and keep these sectors linked.

(As mentioned by shantanu pandey on


Mohit Bansal(23) is B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India. He has interest in business and entrepreneurship and has published couple of research articles. He is also associated with various NGOs. He is with Techaloo when it was just in concept stage. The Techaloo site was not existing even then. Currently Mohit is working with Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst Profile.


  1. Hello Techaloo,Thanks guys from blooming link team we are very thankful to you for featuring us in your website, its also our first featuring article. We are looking forward to get linked with techaloo to get us both a good venture. -vatsal mishra(bloominglink)

    • admin says:

      Dear Vatsal,

      We wish bloominglink team all the best in their venture.
      Let us know your future updates 🙂

      Best regards,
      Dilip Prasad

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