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Want to know about hot Campus Talks?
Want to know about MBA?
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Want to know about Gadgets?
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A briefing of campusfever:

Campusfever is brainchild of Puneet Gangwani,Kaustubh Verma,Bhavini Jha.
Campusfever has 2 main features:
1. Online Test and Analysis : They provide a full control to you to take customized tests based on analysis, ranking and choice. The best part about these online Test is that they provide a question by question analysis whi gives you greater insights. They target a wide audience and purposes of numerous examinations and certifications.
2. Procuring Application Form is one of the most time-consuming and tiresome process that one has to go through. There are students/professionals who missed some application forms due to various reasons. They make the Application Form viral through

Value Proposition of campusfever:
The major adevantage is that it is the first of its kind.It has no other direct competitor,but pagalguy, testfunda, and tcyonline can be treated as competitors working in the same field.

Some points to add are:
1.Application forms at Discount
2.Online payment, online/ offline delivery
3.Referral discounts on forms and tests
4.Not just another MBA or genre specific education service provider
5.Technology and infrastructure that would make Online Test of millions of students possible in one time slot and not slices.
6.Superior technology and features compared to existing.

How campusfever makes money?
1. Through Application forms of various institutes
2.Through customized e-learning and testing solutions to learning centers, colleges, companies
3.Through Online Tests, Analysis and Courses to registered users.
4.Through Media and Campaigns of campusfever.

Some more interesting facts:
Necessity is the mother of all innovation.They got into the shoes of customers and developed their product and service.They teach,write tests in order to understand the psychology of a general student.
Due to this approach,even the student saves Money,Effort and Time.

We get into the shoes of our customer and first feel the necessity and need of our product and service. So people at CampusFever go and teach at top education institutes before making online courses, attend tests and take exams themselves in order to know what is required in present times.

First lesson of management which they  preach is: Time is Money & CampusFever helps saving both your time and your money.

also, Practice makes PERFECT, but Strategies makes SUCCESS .They provide treatment solutions to all the FEVERs (HYPES, HOOPLAS and HOTS) that are the part of every CAMPUS, and so is the name CampusFever..

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