So, Megha called up XYZ company, specialised in the IT industry regarding some software requirement. She often calls this company for her website module needs and was quite satisfied till she encountered a devastating experience last week. She wanted some changes in her website’s software and hence called this company. But, last week when she had called this company, she was amazed and was in terrible shock to know that the agent who picked up her call didn’t know that she was an existing customer and had no idea about the nature of her business! Later, she got to know that the employee who used to cater to her requirements and also provided customer support had left the company. She had to explain her whole business and her needs all over again to the agent and by the end of the conversatIon she was exhausted!

How much would you rate this customer experience? Zero or in negative? I am sure that most of the customers would mark this case as a negative one. Customers are jewels of any organization and it is the duty of the business owners to have every small data that is provided by the customer and accordingly deal with it because “you need to provide a customer experience that is exactly right for a specific customer”(Forbes). Hence, as business owners, we need to keep a track on the interactions happening outside and inside the organization to ensure smooth flow of communication.

There are major industries that are operating in the market and each industry is trying to attain that perfection which can deliver a superb customer experience. Gone are the days of buying heavy equipments and complicated programming. Call recording is becoming a business imperative these days. IT Industry might just need it!

IT industry is a combination of IT services and Business Processing Outsourcing(BPO). IT is used to store, retrieve and manipulate data. According to Wikipedia, it has contributed to India’s GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.5% in 2012 and aggregated revenues of us $100 billion in 2012. Therefore, since it has such a major share in the market, let us discover the benefits of call recordings and how the IT industry can enjoy the fruits of this system.

“I want my software to be…”

Some small business owners like in the case of Megha, may have some software or module requirements for any kind of website they want to create and during this time they call up an IT company. Similarly, there are thousand customers calling them to customize their service but storing them mentally and retrieving them at the point of executing, is not possible. Therefore, a recording of the customer interaction would help the agents to emphasize on each detail they provide with.

“I cannot get hold of him; he is not reachable”

IT companies cater to a number of clients at a single point of time. Businesses operate within as well as outside the country. Business operating outside a country cannot be tracked every time. A call recording, would help you track those customers who are operating outside the country and can help in future references when they are unreachable. Thus, even if you miss out on some points while having conversations with international clients, you can go back to the recordings and analyse on what they had to say.

 “I don’t know what’s going on!”

An organization functions well only when it works as a team. There can be some critical situations which might demand awareness of every employee working in the company. In IT companies, as we can see in the case of Megha, there are some software requirements as well. A call recording would help the employees as well as the team leaders to get educated about the cases which are left open. Therefore, even if the employee who had been in talking terms with the customer leaves, other employees as well as the team leaders have a complete picture of the case.

“This is how you should do it”

Every workplace has some work ethics which are to be followed both the employees as well as the head of the organization whether in terms of customer handling or in the process of working. IT industries also deliver contact center services and training your staff about how to go about it is what you’ll have to do next! A call recording system is the real advantage in such situations. Through these recordings you can demonstrate cases in front of your employees and present them with solutions of handling it. Also, as a business expands, number of employees also increases. Thus, call recording cut down costs by eliminating hiring of training sessions.


Call recording has many advantages and is a part of the call management system. It not only helps in tracking the minute details of customer requirements but also helps in spotting the areas for improvement. IT industry being one of the diverse industries providing services for software, hardware and customer dealing can be a real time benefitor.

Meet the author:

10518640_722233007822745_1596860107619354965_n(1)Name: Arundhuti Roy

Credentials: Arundhuti is a B.A.(Hons) English from University of Delhi. She has worked as a social media content writer in an advertising agency and in an NGO. She is quite passionate about writing and a blogger too! Currently she is working as a Content Writer and Marketer in Voicetree Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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