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Is there a right age to be an entrepreneur ?? Did u ever have the feeling that I am still young to start  a company ??  If yes, then hold on right there , this is for you.

Xtra Computing Factors also called XCFactors is one such example. The founder Rohit kumar Sunkari was 19 years old when he started XCfactors. He is presently pursuing 4th year ( MS Software engineering ) from VIT university.

Xtra Computing Factors conduct workshops at different places in various fields which include Web Designing, App Development, and Programming (Python, Ruby…). They also design websites, Banners, Posters, and are also into video making. When team Techaloo asked the founder what was his inspiration to start XCFactors he says, “The main idea to start the company is to help students showcase their talent , especially  the ones who are talented but have less opportunities”.

Their mission is to train students and provide them opportunities to work in that field to gain hands on experience. They conduct workshops where they train them and also provide the students with tutorials. Later an exam is conducted to test their ability and according to the projects on hand they provide internships.

Rohit initially started off with a little savings which he made as a student later he managed to find some investors to finance his workshops. One of the difficulties faced by XCFactors is that, the team is located in multiple locations which makes communication a little difficult and unclear in certain situations. Also managing business and academics is a challenge said Rohit.

In future they would like to take up more projects , and conduct workshops on a large scale in different locations and publicizing the company is another goal.

When team TechAloo asked Rohit some suggestions for the young entrepreneurs he says , “its not advisable to start  any business with a rough or unclear idea . Having a proper plan is very important and the feasibility should also be considered.  Patience , time and money are some important factors and off course talent would be icing on the cake “.

All the best Team XCFactors !!!


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