Comparison of crowdfunding platforms for Asian Start-ups and individuals


Crowdfunding (alternately crowd financingequity crowdfundingcrowd equitycrowd-sourced fundraising) is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. (Wiki definition)

There are over 1000 of crowd funding platforms available in different parts of the world. Here we list top 18 of them based on the no. of monthly visitors to these site, which can used by the start-ups, individuals for profit/non-profit causes to raise money for their ideas/start-ups/other cause from Asia. Fundraising platform like Kickstarter(biggest crowd funding platform), GiveSG (biggest community fundraising platform in Singapore), CrowdAboutNow (Crowdfunding platform only for Netherlands start-up/individuals), etc. which are either exclusive for one country or not been listed at crowdsUnite has not been considered here for the comparison.

* Platform Type – Debt/Donation/Equity/Reward

*Category – what is you industry or What will you use money for

*Requester credentials – Any limitation on the requester (profit/non-profit intention)

*Countries of requester – From which countries campaign can be initiated

*Giver credentials – Giver needs to be accredited investors or not

*Countries of givers – from which countries money can be send

*Monthly Visitors – total no. of monthly visitors

Data source: CrowdsUnite – Data is collated here for the benefit of Asian college start-ups as their alternative source of funding other than the friends, family and fools before they can scale up and go to the next funding source like angel investors and Venture Capitalist.

Rank Company Platform Type Category Countries of Requester Requester Credentials Countries of Givers Givers Credentials Monthly Visitors
1 YouCaring Donation medical expenses,memorial/funeral expenses,tuition help,adoption fundraising,Mission trips,helping a neighbor in need All NoCredentials All No Credentials 2,000,000
2 IndieGoGO Donation, Reward All All All 600,000
3 Ulule Reward Film&video , music , comics ,games , photography ,solidarity , stage ,sports , craftsmanship ,books , DIY ,fine arts , politics ,

design , journalism ,

fashion , green

All NoCredentials All No Credentials 600,000
4 Rockethub Reward, Donation All All All 400,000
5 Planeta Donation, Reward music, video, film,media, society, photography,charity, cityfood,art, design,games, dance,theater, technology All Russia, CIS, Europe, Israel, USA 400,000
6 GoGetFunding Donation All All NoCredentials All No Credentials 250,000
7 Razoo Donation All All 160,000
8 CrowdFunder Reward Arts and craftsBusiness Community Environmentaland ethical Events Fashion Film,TV and video Food and drinkInventions Just for fun Music PhotographyTechnology Theatre and dance Writing,

books and magazines Documentary Sport

All NoCredentials All No Credentials 60,000
9 CrowdIt



All All NoCredentials All No Credentials 60,000
10 DepositaGift Donation All All All 60,000
11 YOUVEgotFUNDS Reward All All NoCredentials All No Credentials 30,000
12 Medstartr Donation, Reward Healthcare Technology,Medical Devices,Fitness,Drug Discoveryand development,diagnostics,

Clinical studies,

Medical Centers

USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Nepal, and India All projects makers are credentialed and all projects are subjected to clinical review. All No Credentials 20,000
13 Wahooly Equity, Reward Startups,Innovative Brands All NoCredentials All High online influence, as decided by various online influence scores and activity 10,000
14 Haricot Reward based creative, business,non-profit, student All All 9000
15 Pubslush Reward Publishing, Books All NoCredentials All No Credentials 6,000
16 Thrillpledge Donation, Reward Sports, Music,Publishing All NoCredentials All No Credentials
17 GoFundMe Donation All US, EU, UK, Canada, Australia All
18 Fundly Donation All All None All None


Given below is the table of top 18 crowds sourcing platforms for Asian start-ups with some more comparison parameters like successful campaigns (no. of successful campaign that have been completed) , fees for completed campaign (Fees that the platform charges to the fund raiser when campaign gets completed), Transaction fees (for processing payment), Other fees (any other fees that are not the part of campaign completion process or completion)


Rank Name Campaign Type Successful
Fees for
Completed Campaign
Fees for
Partial Campaign
Other Fees Additional website
1 YouCaring Keep what you raised 0% 0% 3% 0%
2 IndieGoGO All or Nothing, Keep what you Raised 4% 9% 3%
3 Ulule All or Nothing 2,800 8% VAT included NA 0% 0% 3740ideas funded
4 Rockethub Keep what you Raised 4% 8% 4%
5 Planeta Keep what you raised 200 5% 10% 5% Need to raise at least 50% of the goal amount.
6 GoGetFunding Keep what you Raised 230 3.50% 3.50% 2.90% 0%
7 Razoo Keep what you raised 68,000 2.90%
8 CrowdFunder All or Nothing 5% N/A 1-3% No
9 CrowdIt All or Nothing, Keep what you raised 5% 10% Pay-Pal: 2.99% + .30 No
10 DepositaGift Keep what you raised 4% 3% See its site
11 YOUVEgotFUNDS All or Nothing 5% NA 4% 0%
12 Medstartr Keep what you raised 29 5% 8% Paypal: 3.2-3.9% Overall 10% for Full Service Package – includes up to ten hours of copy editing, consultation, video editing and promotion.
13 Wahooly Keep what you raised Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable No
14 Haricot All or nothing, and flexible only for qualifying projects 36 5% 8% 2.9% + .30
15 Pubslush Flexible, keep what you make after $500 29 4% NA 3.50% 0%
16 Thrillpledge All or Nothing 10% 0% 0% 0%
17 GoFundMe Keep what you raised 5% 5% 2.9% + .30 per transaction Supports currencies: USD, Euro, GBP, CAD, and AUD
18 Fundly Keep what you raised 42,000 visit site visit site 3%

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