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Brief description of the programme/project/Initiative :
EFES ( is a bank of over fifty , well researched , audio visual classroom teaching strategies for collaborative learning, presented as short films. Each strategy provides a 360 degree perspective to its usage It not only provides ideas and suggestions for the facilitator to expand his/her knowledge, it also shows several well thought of innovative classroom management ideas, seating plans and demonstrates the impact it will have on the students. Since it is available on the web it can be viewed by any facilitator, at any time at his/her own pace. It empowers the facilitator to become a part of the 21st century teaching learning process.

Why was the project started :
It was realized that a typical classroom was very regular and rote in its approach. It involved a one way communication. There was a total mismatch between the demands and aspirations of the 21st century student and that of facilitation style that existed in the classroom. There was thus a need to involve teachers to use a more collaborative and involving approach so as to bring out the best from within themselves and their students. This would involve extensive training It was realized that there was a great shortage of quality facilitators and so also of quality trainers. Considering the high cost it would incur towards this training short films were made and piloted. These were received very well by facilitators and hence the journey began. This was then available on the net so that maximum facilitators can view them and benefit from them.
Objective :

To make a qualitative impact on the teaching learning process.
To make the training process affordable and reachable for all teachers
To make it available for facilitators t learn at their own pace.
Target group :
All school facilitators
Geographical reach :
Around the world

10 points that make the programme/project innovative?

  • It comprises of a well researched bank of around 100 teaching strategies adapted for all classes and subjects in the K-12 segment, presented as short movies with accompanying text.
  • For each strategy, detailed instructions are provided to the facilitator on the execution of the strategy, customized to various subjects and age groups.
  • The strategies provide a classroom experience to the teacher as he/she can actually see them being implemented.
  • The strategy movies not only present the strategy itself, but also provide insights to the teachers on classroom management techniques for more effective classroom sessions.
  • Each strategy provides a 360 degree perspective to strategy usage, by looking at the appropriate grouping strategies, seating plans, behavior rules, appropriate charts etc. That is to say, that the movies not only present the ‘how to’ of the strategies but also inform and educate on maintaining a good classroom environment.
  • Each movie also lists down the skills that will be enhanced in students through the use of the strategy presented in the movie.
  • The teachers are given information on the pre-work that they are required to do, in order to effectively and efficiently implement these strategies.
  • CCE requires teachers to grade students on both academic and personal skills. The strategies have been designed such that both aspects are appropriately covered and are clearly and objectively observable by teachers, thus leading to a fair and objective CCE evaluation in class.
  • Movie making is often seen as a time consuming and an expensive venture, in terms of equipment, infrastructure and technical skills required. At Educomp R&D, the whole project has been implemented at a very low cost using very basic equipment and software, and the time taken to produce each movie is just 7 days.
  • The movies are short (5 to 7 minutes), can be viewed by teachers at any time, any place, and require only the basic video players which are available free of cost.

achievements of the programme

  • Teachers have a well researched bank of strategies they can refer to any time.
  • Teachers also get implementation ideas on behavior management techniques, teaching tools, assessment strategies etc.
  • It benefits both new and experienced teachers as it can be used both for learning new strategies and for ideas on effective implementation of commonly known strategies
  • Teachers who have used these strategies find it easier to complete their syllabus in time, and also find that their students are able to perform better in both formative and summative assessment.
  • Teachers find it very easy to make their lesson plans, as the strategies give practical implementation solutions.

List the 5 key challenges faced while implementing the programme/project/initiative

  • When this project was first undertaken, the biggest challenge was cost control. To overcome this Educomp R&D project team decided to use a simple hand held camera and shoot only inside the office and not in a studio.
  • As professional actors involve both cost and time overruns, it was decided to create miniature students and teacher dolls. A miniature classroom complete with furniture, miniature teaching aids, pencils, notebooks etc to scale was created and used in all video shoots.
  • Educomp R&D dived into its own bank of lesson plans, classroom activities and strategies to ensure all information presented was scientifically researched and validated.
  • Multiple pilots were done with educationists, principals and teachers and before the present format was approved and finalized as the one which was easy to understand and implement and very comprehensive.
  • To make a system which is effective across multiple schools and various boards of education, the project takes a very concept based approach.

how can the prgramme serve as a model that can be replicated or adapted by others?

  • The strategies presented in the movies are demonstrated with a classroom example, in a way that teachers can easy replicate them in their own classroom s.
  • For each strategy, detailed instructions are provided to the facilitator on the execution of the strategy, customized to various subjects and age groups.
  • The strategies can be used as self learning modules and also as a part of teacher training programmes.
  • The activities presented in these movies can be easily incorporated by teachers into their lesson plans.
  • The charts, models and worksheets showcased in the movies can be used by teachers as ideas for their own classrooms.
    List 5 points to elaborate on the scalability of the programme/project/initiative

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