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Ever heard of coding of Grade 6 Student and who came up with his own product in the early twenties??

If everything on the web is becoming smarter with moving cloud,social networking,why hasn’t the same adopted by educated system?
Frustrated by the mundane Learning Education System?
To answer the above questions,here it is Eduora and Nagarjun Palavalli.
Nagarjun wanted to simplify and faciliate education ny decosing the complex web of Learning Mangament Systems used by reputed,large schools,collegese and universities.” These systems were designed to be used by IT professionals hired by colleges and not students and teachers – people who can derive the most value from it” says Nagarjun Palavalli.This took shape as a company in Bangalore named Eduora Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Nagarjun Palavalli founded it in March 2011.

Nagarjun felt the need to revamp the current education system after winning numerous competitions on the international stage.Nagarjun and Surat Jaiswal,who is also a fresher just out of college,are working to better the product.
Intially named “Classroom”,Eduora took a steep growth when Nagarjun met Pallav Nadhani and Abhishek Rungta from Seeders Venture Capital at a conference.They got a first round funding of $25,000 to pay for resources and servers.

Initially codenamed ‘Classroom’, Eduora took its first leap when Nagarjun met Pallav Nadhani and Abhishek Rungta from a Venture Capitalist named Seeders at a conference. The first funding round was closed the very next day! The $25,000 seed round has been mainly used to pay for resources and servers.

The key features of Eduora are:

  • Built-in Social Network
  • Runs on the Cloud
  • Your Network Comes With You-Facebook,twitter etc.
  • No More Email Overload
  • Everything is automatic.

And,here comes out the biggest quality of an entrepreneur.Passion.Everything is done out of Passion.Money is not something which tops their priority list.And,this is one of the thumb rules of success for an entrepreneur.It is also less priced than the current LMS Systems.And,lesser price with better facilities always attracts the large consumer base.The current beta version launched two motnhs ago has around 100 courses and 700 users.
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