Engineers Adda ! :Interview with Gaurav Kushwaha


It is widely accepted that a large chunk of population enters engineering even though they are not really enthusiastic about it. On the other hand, most of them also realize only during engineering that this is not what they want in life! A lot of creative talent is going unnoticed because of the same. We are missing authors, painters, chefs, photographers and entrepreneurs because of the pressure of economic stability after the job.

Can a student do anything to not only evade the worry of getting a job, but also glaze one’s dream and be successful in the arena one always wanted to be? The answer is yes. And there are people who have achieved that. Mr. GAURAV KUSHWAHA, the founder and CEO of ENGINEERS ADDA can be named one of those. Engineers Adda – the name speaks for itself. It is a unique platform which thrives to bring out the creative side of all the engineering students in India and give them a platform where they can showcase their skills.

He shared his experience with techaloo on how he got the idea, that kick-started his career as an entrepreneur.

What inspired him to come up with a start-up?

It was 1st march 2013, the last day of their college fest. Being in the final year and having organized and managed many events in fests, Gaurav noticed that there was lots of creativity in everyone; but he also realized that for a final year student of any college, fest would be the last chance to showcase it. He heard two of his batch-mates say to each other, “Yaar ye last time hai, jum ke perform karna hai aur jeetna hai”(It’s the last time, so let us give it our fullest and win). The fest was done and while going through the photographs, he came across these guys, but realized they didn’t look happy. He pondered why they were sad. It was either because they lost the competition, or that they wouldn’t get another chance. At that point he had decided that he’d do something for such people, so that they could follow their passion along with their 9 to 5 job.


How did he go about realizing the idea?

On graduating in June 2013, he started to do his research and background work for this project, which went on for a little more than a month. In the meantime he approached several people, to work with him on this as a co-founder. On knowing his idea, everybody would say “That’s an awesome idea” but they wouldn’t agree to work.

In the process, he got acquainted with the best web designer of his college Mr. UMAKANT SONWANI. On listening to Gaurav, the reply was “Karenge Bilkul Karenge. Kab se shuru karna hai batao” (We’ll do it for sure! Just tell me when to start working on it.)

From that day, they started and developed the website but since they didn’t have a job by then, they didn’t really have the money required for hosting and maintaining it. They then approached one of their senior, Mr UMESH PANDIT. He helped them financially, and can actually be called their angel investor. After vigorous and tenacious work, they finally launched their platform on 15th October 2013. Till today, it’s only two of them who are working on it and managing it.


What are their present services and future plans?

While continuing and throttling in the same direction, they are organizing interactions and discussions with students at campuses in which, they are promoting alternate careers in the creative domain in a sustainable manner.

Now they also plan to publish a magazine, probably by the 1st week of August 2014, which would be of a very nominal cost; say maybe cheaper that one 200ml cold drink. In this magazine, they wish to provide lots of information, articles and pictures which would surely be of great interest to everyone. The magazine which is to be published may be weekly or fortnightly.

What message would he give to young entrepreneurs?

He relished saying, “It feels awesome when some of my friends tease me saying “CEO Sahib Aayiye””.

Enamored with entrepreneurial spirit, he said “Don’t Think, Just Do It. If you think, you just keep thinking. In my journey, I got to know many young entrepreneurs and in the next 5 years, I see many young achievers who are bound to make India proud.

Interested to know more about his journey? You can get in touch with him here:




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