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The person who does Entrepreneurship is called entrepreneur. The word Entrepreneur means a person who starts his/her business by taking all financial risk and applying own thoughts and ideas in developing the business. Every human being born to the earth is a good dreamer. A man s dream can be practical or imaginative. A person who dreams of being an entrepreneur and implies the thoughts which he/she has seen in it in the practical world is the true ENTERPRENEUR. Here I would like to say something different about Entrepreneur development in India.

A country that focuses on giving birth to entrepreneur and helps the entrepreneur in developing his dreams leads the nation for a development. More the entrepreneurs in the nation lesser the level of poverty in the nation. Government policies and Entrepreneurship are two sides of a coin. If the coin is rolled both should roll together. India is one such country that has given birth to a lot of big entrepreneur like Jamshetji Tata, Dhirubhai Ambani, Gautam adani, Shiv Narain Birla etc. It doesn’t mean that a person who is a millionaire and holds a brand and an own business should be called an entrepreneur. A person selling his home made match box earthen pots, bread maker and a golgappa seller is also an entrepreneur.

India is said to be a birth place of number of entrepreneur who are doing their business either in the country or outside the country. After the liberalization in 1990s various entrepreneur aroused during these period leading the nation to attain a higher gdp till 90s contribution to Indian gdp came from agriculture sector but after liberalization service sectors started increasing like hotels restaurant transport service making India a hub a big tourist destination. This growth of entrepreneur in service sector has made India create a tag line for tourism ministry “ athithi devo bhava”.

In the recent 2001 when USA changed the tax policy for Information technology sector, various American companies shifted to India for less taxpaying system with cheaper rate. To compete with the American giants various Indian entrepreneur emerged like Wipro, Infosys, Tata consultancy services and other small IT companies making India the largest IT hub in the world. In 2010 all the major international car producer has entered the Indian market because of highly raw material availability with cheap skilled labour like BMW Jaguar, Mercedes Benz etc. To compete this other brands like force, tvs Bajaj developed but to also develop the international brand in Indian market various Indian entrepreneur are working in these organization and implementing their ideas.
India is a country which has a number of communities with various specialities. The Sikhs of Punjab says that “u should not beg in life and u should always do some work to attain your roti (Breads)”. The religion itself has motivated the state of Punjab to give birth of entrepreneur and it is the only state where poverty level is negligible and we won’t get a single beggar in the state. The People of North east coming from Mizoram, Assam Arunachal Pradesh etc have spread across the whole country and have opened Chinese restaurant across the country giving the touch of Chinese cuisine in the country. Transportation of agriculture products from farmer to consumer was a difficult problem in the 80s, this lead to the growth of various middle men in agriculture sector as well as transport division increased. Now we have a large hub of middle men who are engaged in the business as commission agent in this sector. People of south India are famous for their south Indian cuisine like idle dosa vada etc, this was liked by all over the world. The south Indians have opened their restaurant in all over the world and it is the one of the most consumed food item of India. This shows India has a lot of small entrepreneur as well as big entrepreneur. Now a day if we go to any parts of the nation we would get all type of service whatever we like like spa restaurant transportation etc.
I would like to describe a small story about an old lady whom I preferably want to say that she is the best entrepreneur according to my choice. She is a 70 years plus old lady in the busy four side crossing of Exide at Kolkata sells a product called masala papad every day. It’s an office sector in Kolkata where people see her early in the morning 8.00 am till 7.00 pm in the evening selling papad. I don’t know her name but I used to see her daily when I used to go to college. One day I purchased a packet of papad and fried it in my home and it was very tasty. I became a regular customer of her frequently purchasing papad for my home. One day an article came in a local newspaper about the same lady with a picture of her. A journalist had interviewed her and after reading the article tears drop down my eyes. The lady has lost her husband a few years ago and now her son is in bed completely suffering from an accident and she is the only bread earner of the house at this age. The Kolkatans came to know about her and she became a big role model. Her dedication to her business and the maintenance of quality of product has made her famous in the streets of Kolkata. This lady became very famous in social networking site like Google+ facebook etc. Now she is a respected Entrepreneur in Kolkata and has a regular number of customers. There can’t be a better example of an entrepreneur of India. It also shows the motherly nature of Indian women who tries her best to save her bedridden son even at the very old age.

Hence hereby I conclude with an eye full of tear that this is an example of growing India with a hub of entrepreneur from all parts of the nation doing some or the other business to become a successful entrepreneur in their life. India is on the run with other developing countries like china and Indonesia and there entrepreneurs being the backbone of the nation is making the nation proud.

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