The development of any country is taken as synonymous with industrial improvement  Today we can see that no country is ready to avoid the industrialization because each one is desirous of rapid economic progress so industrial expansion only can be possible with the proper emergence of various entrepreneurs.
India,the country with her vast size,abundant supply of natural & human resources always tried to offer a great opportunity for the spread of entrepreneurship but it didn’t happen properly under the British rule and in the post independence period initially it was also not an easy task because at that time the country needed to overcome different kind of imbalances,difficulties & unsatisfactory situations immediately which were created at that time.
If we analyse so we can find that in the 1st three ‘five year plan’ (1951-65),India experienced a massive increasing trend of industrial growth rate.The average growth rate rose from 5.7%/annum in the 1st plan to 9%/annum in the 3rd plan.But in the next phase (that roughly covers 1965-1980) is characterized by severe industrial stagnation where in the 4th plan the growth rate declined to 3.7%/annum. In the 5th & 6th plan the growth rate also decreased at a greater rate.Specially in 80’s the Indian economy was trapped by an awful socialistic ideology & with corrupted bureaucratic control. However during these periods there were several other factors which were responsible for the sharp deceleration in the industrial output for which the operation of the entrepreneurial sector was greatly affected. Although after these painful periods 1991 marked as the beginning of a new era of entrepreneurial liberization where the industrial sector started to recover their previous drawbacks & tried to initiate a new phase.

For any country the strong & balanced economic growth can be achieved by a planned emergence of entrepreneurialism where the entrepreneurs should focus their effort on nation building rather competing with each other.According to the condition of our country at that period it can be said that the role of entrepreneurialism needed to be such like that:- (1)it should lead to the rise in per capita income of the country,(2) it should be the source of employment of the country,(3) it should develop the terms of trade of the country, (4) it should raise the level of standard of living of all the people,(5) it should bring the economy on the way of increasing returns,(6) it should impart dynamic contents to the economy so that the technology could get mordenised,(7) the advancement of the entrepreneurialism should also affect the agricultural field so that our country could be pulled up by the regular supply of modern inputs for expansion,namely high yielding seeds,chemical fertilizers farm machinery & other inputs to increase the level of agricultural production. Fulfilling these all criteria more or less it was able to bring the prosperity in our country at that time & if entrepreneurialism will be able to sustain these all characteristics so may be our country can be flourished at a greater rate in future.
Today many more Indian entrepreneurs are emerging in the business world.However the introduction of these all business persons were not smooth in the industrial field still most of them became the renowned personalities of our country & the world like Dhirubhai Ambani(founder of Reliance group), Ratan Tata(Tata group), Azim Premji(Wipro), Kumar Mangalam Birla(Aditya Birla Group) and many more.Not only these businessmen are famous for their authentic dedication towards their work but today many of them are considered among the richest personalities of the world like Lakshmi Mittal, Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Azim Premji etc.
So from here we can say that many businesspersons of our country are really successful & that only can be possible through a positive entrepreneurial environment.Today we can see the enrichment of various industries in our country like:-

IT, toy, jewellery, tourism, textile, cement, television, telecom, tea, sugar, cotton, soap, silk, railway, printing, banking, paper, oil, jute, hotel, food processing, music, fashion, film and many more. The success & expansion of these industries encourage the others to come up in the the field of entrepreneurship .Usually in many parts of our country it can be seen that most of the enthusiastic,aspiring people or students want good job but never intend to be employers or entrepreneurs.This actually happens because entrepreneurship always consists of several risks which the entrepreneurs have to take.The challenges which they usually face can be financial,political or social but if someone has a dream to start a new business then nothing can be the obstacle before his/her passion.The lack of interest in this sector can be a matter of tension but at the same time we also can find many people who quit their jobs just to chase their dreams & to explore their innovative ideas.Here the government should take the steps & they should introduce several entrepreneurship schemes,contests & courses for the students in the colleges & universities so that they can get a chance to think about their future with entrepreneurship.Otherwise the government should also introduce various policies so that the existing & new businessmen can get encouragement to develop their business in a better way.

So in conclusion we can say that the entrepreneurship is an important determinant of economic growth & entrepreneurial attitudes & activities should be spreaded in each & every side of our country so that we can have a balanced industrial growth.However entrepreneurialism is not a new concept in our country,it appeared from a very ancient age.what we actually need to be successful in business in all respects are favourable entrepreneurial environment,proper utilization of the resources & savings & the dedications,commitment, revolutionary ideas,& positive attitudes of people & society towards the entrepreneurship.If it happens & continues every time so in future we can see our country in a much more developed & strong position.

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