Entrepreneurship: A Job or Something Else


May be it is always debated that any individual, by doing his job whole heartedly, is adding value to lives of other people, making the world better place to live. That’s true. Doctors, Engineers, Teachers are among those who are working diligently to improve the planet and making it a better place to live.

But neither doctors nor engineers or teachers can be called as entrepreneurs. They work within an organisation, they have a job, and they follow some set of rules set by someone else. These people works for someone else not for themselves.

It’s creating puzzlement in mind. Now who’s an entrepreneur? According to a broadcasting entrepreneur, Ted Turner, My son is now an ‘entrepreneur’. That’s what you’re called when you don’t have a job.” Entrepreneurship is not a job. An entrepreneur is an individual who not only manages his own life, but manages the lives of many others with him.


Into the Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneur’ no one knows this word better than an individual running an organisation or an enterprise. Nowadays, entrepreneurship is emerging as a light of dawn from the clouds for young innovators. Every maniac with a propensity for exposedness, compatibility for administrating and ability to govern has started calling themselves as an entrepreneur. It needs to be more distinguished further.

This word ‘entrepreneur’ is derived with the help of French word ‘entreprendre’ which means ‘to motivate’. In India a resembling word ‘antarprerna’ a Sanskrit word which is defined as ‘self-motivation’. These two words sets a basis for characterising an entrepreneur: an individual who voluntarily agrees to bear the responsibility of not only himself, but many others with him.

What it takes to be an Entrepreneur?


Entrepreneurs are among those superheroes who saves the globe, colonizes spaces and promises numbers to charity. Don’t get amazed if I would say, you don’t need bunches of cash to become an entrepreneur. Literally to be an entrepreneur you need no money at all. If money would be the basic requirement for being an entrepreneur, then every billionaire will become an entrepreneur. Neither money nor power is required for being an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is not about money or power, it’s much more than that. It requires the most valuable entity ‘dreams’, so “don’t forget to dream” because it is a race to make your dreams come true. Entrepreneurship is all about daydreaming, hard works, long hours, sacrifices, new challenges, moderate risks and most importantly a dynamic start-up. If someone tells you it’s not then he’s either lying or has never actually started entrepreneurship yet.

Although if we look at the lives of all the successful entrepreneurs, they will share some similar qualities with each other. Let’s go through the similarities that all successful entrepreneurs share, just check if you share these qualities with them or not?

  1. 1.   Entrepreneurs are great leaders


s2Leaders are not born, leaders are made­­. Leader is someone who brings his team together, recognize the potential within each and every one of them and make the team-work effective and efficient to achieve a common goal. A point is required to be noted over here that there’s a big difference between a leader and a boss. A boss always say ‘go’ and a leader always say ‘let’s go’. An entrepreneur should have strong leadership qualities. Entrepreneurship as a leader make a path of success with his team as his followers, earns the respect and trust of his team by showing them positive work.



  1. 2.   Extremely self-motivated


Motivation determines what you do. In simple words, self-motivation is an urge of attaining a goal or accomplishing a dream. Daydreaming about driving a Ferrari until you can’t buy one for yourself. This is self-motivation. Self-motivation brings a desire of chasing the dreams within an individual. An entrepreneur needs to be extremely motivated for his dreams because it provides him a path to achieve it. According to Sir Isaac Newton, “An object that is at rest remains at rest, an object that is in motion remains in motion, unless and until an external force is applied to it.” Motivation is just like that force that is required to change the state of life of an entrepreneur.


  1. 3.   Willingness to fail


Nobody is prefect. Entrepreneurs are moderate risk takers. However, the things don’t always works according to the plan. In entrepreneurship, there always exists a risk of failure that creates expert entrepreneurs. According to Niels Bohr, “An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.” All these mistakes that leads an entrepreneur to the failure, take him towards the perfection. Successful entrepreneurs are never afraid of failing, in fact they have two favourite words ‘if’ and ‘else’, because they are always equipped with a backup plan.


4.   Successive Innovators

s4Human beings are born with an ability to innovate. We always wish to head towards something better and use our creativity to bring a change in our lives. An entrepreneur is someone who works continuously to create a change for the development of his organization, with his ideas, research and analysis. This is innovation. All these successful entrepreneurs are serial innovators, they carry out successive improvements in their processes.

5.   Highly Curious

As Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Successful entrepreneurs are always eager to learn something new because they believe that there’s always a lesson to be learned. They never hesitate to ask about something they don’t know, there’s an arousal or an excitation in them for finding something new. It helps them in looking at the bigger picture and making the best decision for their organisation.

6.   Spirit of Competition

Competition brings out the real strength within an individual. Entrepreneurs love to take challenges and they like to win. Every day there’s a new challenge for a successful entrepreneur, it starts from start-up to end of lifetime. They keep a keen eye focus upon the daily challenges, struggle to overcome and aim for winning, but never afraid of failures. That is what called as competitive spirit.


 7.   Strong Networking

s5Opposite of networking is not-working. No entrepreneur alone can reach so far, they need a company of numerous peoples called as partners. Success in entrepreneurship never comes alone, it takes a network of contacts, business partners, financial partners, peers and resources. This is what we call as networking in entrepreneurship. Only a successful entrepreneur knows the value of networking. It is the power of networking that gather a support for an entrepreneur and make him stand as a good leader.


Great entrepreneurs, from Steve Jobs to Ambani brothers, all of them share most of the above qualities with each other. We can say that these are basic requirement for being successful as an entrepreneur. Have you found an entrepreneur in yourself?


Joy of Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurs don’t have a job, they work for themselves. An entrepreneur have burden of work, risk of failure, money, limited time but only a successful entrepreneur can value the joy within all these. Life of an entrepreneur is a life of service and he cherishes it with joy.

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