Entrepreneurship is a process of identifying and starting a business venture


“Entrepreneurship is a process of identifying and starting a business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources and taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture.”-Wikipedia

There is a melodious ring to this word in twenty first century which can be observed from gigantic number of ideas creating turbulence in what was once a calm  pool of dynastic descent of family business almost a century ago. Entrepreneurship is associated with imagination. In a way it is an unique form of art because it requires bewildering imagination, incredible focus and sheer hard work to breath life into their business idea or “Start up”, the cool catch phrase for the budding project by an Entrepreneur.

In the words of Agatha Christie, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started”. In this rapidly changing world where innovation and technology development are restructuring the world everyday, Time is of an essence. There are certain key pillars which any entrepreneur can scratch to dust of piles of money. Firstly, everybody is a customer, From top to bottom in every context age, social position, academic front etc. If you can classify people in sections, then each fragment you can conceive of, is willing and will pay to your products and services. Any target audience you select needs to be advertised well. The customers you expect to earn from should be delivered prompt services on every product you sell.

Entrepreneurship is all about time and opportunity, if there are a billion customers then there might be thousand opportunists scavenging for same idea as yours but to reach out to be the leader, the global executive, the time changer one needs to start. It does not matter how big a step, when and where but for one to make way through the blind tunnel of disrupted economy has to take a leap of faith and start. As Sherlock Holmes looks for least observed clues and applies his theories of deduction to trace back to criminal by applying all possible theories till it leads to a definite end. Such should be an approach of a daring enthusiast who imagines himself to be standing along with the key business leaders. To connect the dots, maneuver their imagination to satisfy needs of people. At times one has to go the extra mile in order to decide what is necessary for their users as Steve Jobs, a great ideal in innovation and Entrepreneurship rightfully pointed out that his users did not fathom the needs of their own until they were provided with solutions for the same.

A journey of thousand miles begin with a single step, true as it may be but nonetheless incomplete for any entrepreneur. No matter when your walk began you  would not grow if there is no definate follow up to your venture. Yet the growth, the passion of cultivating a world class company is what satisfies the hunger of being an entrepreneur. However flexibility in adaption to changing air is what keeps the motor running. If you were not interested in having a board of investors to control your executive decisions yesterday, it might not be wise to the same if you need funding for your next big expansion. At any stage you must be prepared to let go for what is urgent for the sake of what is important.


“If you try to be everything for anybody, you would end up being nothing for everybody.” This is a powerful food of thought because in this era of social media, success stories are written about almost everyday about the legendary visionaries like Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Mark Juckerburg. Yet, peek performers know when it is time to rest, stop or let go. Entrepreneurship is supposed to be fun like a game of football final in a moment of climax when nothing is certain. Still, the players on each side drives their engines to make the last stand. The game is beyond the scale of just winning and losing but is all about retaining peak performance and climbing it uphill. The analogy  is powerful to explain the concept that lead performers know what their motivations, priorities are and act with the long lasting conviction.


A budding entrepreneur may lack a business model, proper financing or perfect team but they must have vision – to accomplish, to create a world better than they found it and values which are guiding light to the company.


At the end of the day, entrepreneurship is all about returning home with a lot of new experiences and ideas only to integrate them in an ever growing complex model.


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