Entrepreneurship is also about identifying the opportunity


We at techaloo always say “Need is the seed to entrepreneurship”

Kerala since it’s recognition as a state has been known as state with almost 100% literacy. But even 100% literate state also has it’s own set of problems. Young and enthusiastic minds turn problems into opportunities and become thriving Entrepreneurs.

Due to such a high literacy rate, there was an acute shortage of barbers because educated youth always landed up in high profile jobs. Consequently there were more engineers and commerce graduates than laymans who could do perform daily chores. Migrants from different states of India always approached Kerala for a better livelihood.

There was a migrant from Orissa who spotted out this problem. His young mind started churning itself for the solution. He went to his own state, learned the art of hair cutting from one of his friends and started a hair cutting salon in kerala’s capital city Thiruvanantpuram.

The rush was so high that he initially attended more than 100 customers per day. Soon when he found that he could not tackle such high rush of customers, he called another six known people from his state, trained them and employed them. Soon his turnover crossed the one million mark. Drawing inspiration from this incident, hundreds of youths who remained unemployed turned towards such low end work which provided them with lucrative turnover at the end of the day.


Entrepreneurship is not about building huge malls, computers and doing big things. Great Entrepreneurs find solutions to day to day problems. Contaminated water lead to use of RO filters, polluted and infected air lead to use of masks on regular basis in countries like Japan, turkey and china. Every problem leads to a brighter future. One just needs to find it.


  1. Sahil says:

    Nic one Sanket:)

  2. Sahil says:

    Nice One Sanket:)

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