Untapped and unleashed potentials are the lot of many generations as a result of the individual inability to make a move or have innovative steps to change the trend of self-dependency on others. There also, is the problem of just dreaming and afraid to act. The incapability and lack of courage to make best use of talents due to the habit of preferring to remain in the shadow and sand off others shoes than be in the light and be the yielder of their destiny. Entrepreneurship is the master key to open doors to creative ideas, innovative opportunities and put a stop to pressing issues in the country ensuring economic growth and development of the country. Economic freedom is the public policy that best fosters the idea of Entrepreneurship which should be clear to all. Entrepreneurship is the process of discovering new ways of combining resources. Someone who engages in this process is an entrepreneur as he organizes a business or enterprise. This article seeks to emphasize on Entrepreneurship using the quote by Nolan Bushnell “A true entrepreneur is a doer not a dreamer” in the subsequent paragraphs.

An entrepreneur is someone who organizes, manages and assumes the risk of a business or entreprise.In order to engage in Entrepreneurship and achieve results, the entrepreneur can be seen as a risk-taker to achieve his goals. In essence, he is not just a dreamer but a doer who takes risks to actualize his dreams. A true entrepreneur improvises innovation as a specific tool to effectively convert a source to a resource, seeing opportunities where others do not. The vibrancy and growth of an economy depends on not justing dreaming but to quickly act on the ideas. “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life’’-Muhammed Ali,’’risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing’’-Leo Buscaglia.In 1730 Richard Cantillon identified that the willingness to bear the personal financial risk of a business venture as the defining characteristic of an Entrepreneur.  Successful Entrepreneurs expand the size of the economic pie for everyone because they were doers not just dreamers example; Bill Gates, developer of BASIC, Microsoft, operatingsystem for Ms-Dos.He expanded our ability to generate outcome (income) resulting in a higher standard of living for all. Sam Walton founder of Wal-Mart was an Entrepreneur who touched millions of lives,Ted Turner(CNN),Fred Smith(fed Ex),Henry ford(ford automobile),Ray Kroc(Mcdonald fascinating) significantly improved the everyday living of billions of people.

Definition of purpose by an Entrepreneur pushes him from the level of dreaming to the reality of doing. A well-defined purpose pushes for action. Drawing this from the origination of the word ‘’entrepreneur’’ from a thirteen century French verb entreprendre meaning ‘‘to do’’.Definiteness of purpose is the starting point to all achievement-Clement.w.Stone.A true entrepreneur expresses the leadership quality of knowing where he is, what he wants, where he is going and how to get there-Paul Meyer. Realization of what you have will determine the manner you use it-Mgboko Maryglory.he realizes the worth of his dreams and determines to make a move. Not everyone can be courageous enough to act   their dreams and ideas. Joseph Schumpeter expressed the role of an entrepreneur as an innovator who implements change in an economy by introducing new goods or new method of production. It is not just introducing the idea but implementing it as in the case of the biblical Joseph who introduced the idea of storing crops during good times and implemented it by selling those crops during the famine and making huge profits.

A true entrepreneur is a doer not a dreamer and this is as a result of his creative discipline. Anyone can have a business idea but not everyone can execute that idea successfully. “Success is achieved by those who are not afraid to fail. Some dreamers are afraid to fail and easily get discouraged but let’s not forget the adage that says that a man cannot fully achieve success without failure because, failure opens our eyes to previous mistakes showing us better options to take. A true entrepreneur strives to achieve his dreams ignoring the prospect of failure. He stays within his strength but continually outside his comfort zone which is his dreams, in order to achieve great success in life. He possesses self-discipline which guides his dreams, innovations and success. His creative discipline propels his desires to be an expert in his field; to dream, act and be an agent of change. It makes him open-minded using available platforms to showcase his creativity enacting the true entrepreneur spirit of being a doer. A true entrepreneur inspires, innovates, motivates everyone around him and ignites into action.

Entrepreneurship is the willingness to take risks, develop, organize and manage a business venture in a competitive global marketplace that is constantly evolving. An Entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and ambition is essential in this process which entails pioneering, leading, innovating, invention, dreaming and most importantly doing. Their ambitious spirit makes them restless as dreamers, forging them to exercise their full potential of applying their ideas .His dream and desire to generate something new in the marketplace is his driving force to act. He is more interested in making a difference and inspiring a requisite ethos of changing business for good. The true entrepreneur is a big dreamer and does good to make it a reality. His ambitious spirit makes him to imbibe the capability and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks to make profit. His ambitious spirit charges him forward and transforms him from a dreamer to a doer. Even when he fails at a point , he does not stay down instead he buckles his shoes tightly and moves on.

Conclusively ,it is important to note that entrepreneurship comes with a lot of risks, trials, temptations, challenges ,tribulations and success.it is almost like the adage “only the strong survive”.it only takes an strongwilled,capable,hardworking,diligent,risktaking,ambitious,purposedriven,creativedisciplined individual to succeed and make a true entrepreneur  .A true entrepreneur defines his purpose, sets his mind to a task, does not relent until he achieves success. A true entrepreneur dreams, thinks, try, fail, probably fail again and then succeed. In essence, anyone can dream but only a true entrepreneur can actualize his dreams. Entrepreneurship is the way forward for a country with the proficient qualities of the entrepreneur that will boost the economy, foster economic growth and development. There is no better option than Entrepreneurship because it keeps individuals self-employed and gives them the right to succeed, make waves in life and be of help to the society.

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    It should have been tittled “THE ONLY WAY FORWARD”…cos i see no other way….nice article though.

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