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  1. Eric Infosystems –  – We create your virtual world


  1. Eric Infosys is started with the motive of providing active data bases, websites to a wide range of organizations which include schools, colleges, hospitals, hotels etc.  The prominent factor about ericinfosys is that we began the firm with an initial investment of Rs.500, which we had spent towards the purchase the domain name.  I (Santosh) and Manoj started it in January 2011 keeping in mind the motive of earn while you learn.  Most of the engineering students spend their free time on watching movies, playing games etc.  But we thought of exploring a different path that will extend help too many organization and also serves as an income source for us. Now I am working for a software company, still the income I gain by handling projects on ericinfosys is far higher than my salary.


  1. We spend around 3-5 hours every day exclusively for the job of designing new pages, structuring the queries for various databases.  Initially, we struggled a bit for getting the orders as we have to search for the organization/person that needs our service. We are able to balance it with our studies.  But within two months after starting it, we had too many orders and the time has come where we need to employ some more part timers under us.


  1. This not only helped us to deliver things in time but also improved our quality which reflected in the improved range of orders we received.  We are giving 10% commission to the person who gets us new orders. We realized that spending some part of our profit on advertising will yield roaring profits.  Normally the start ups in India perform very good and quality works but lack their skill in publicizing them for reaching even the forgotten corners. We published our link in the various websites that are meant for the publicity of technical symposiums and conferences. In addition to this, we have been receiving tremendous publicity from our end users who always recommend us to others.  This brought recognition for our work and in return we got the orders for designing the websites for the various technical festivals and conferences.  We not only designed the websites but also took care of their maintenance till the date of the festival/conference. The people who are aspiring for doctorates in different areas have also taken the help of ericinfosys to create their personal websites to showcase the world about their research talents. We had assured the college management “you take care of your college/festival/conference; we will take care of your website. This principle not only filled trust in our clients but also received extra payment for maintaining the website.  The success principle is to maintain long term customer relationship by providing quality work at low cost when compared to the market prices. In spite of working for low profit, the huge number of orders we attended made us to achieve good turn-over than our competitors who charge more for similar works.  Moreover we did not employ any professionals under us but we had focused only on engineering students who are good at designs and coding.  Being a part-time job, the wage they demand is low. We pay them as a part of what we received on the project they work on.  This even makes them to work for more and more projects in quest of money.


  1. The age of ericinfosys is only 7 months but we earned Rs.6.7 lacs by attending a number of clients within a short span of time. The amount we spent on publicity is just Rs.30, 000.  We had paid Rs.2.4 lacs in the form of commission for mediators and our designers. Within 7 months we made a profit of around Rs.4 lacs with an initial investment of just Rs.500.  As we need not invest much on this firm, we did not think of expecting a financial helping hand from others.  Our business is growing fast that we are planning to make it an online community of students working from different places.  We will act as the central part and will distribute work to different people at different places, who complete the work and delivers to the clients. We are committed to deliver quality designs, databases, web-pages, software to our clients.


  1. Note: This article is honorary article for the “Exciting article writing competition – July 2011″. Submitted by Santosh Jayanthi


  1. Indraniel Gupta Potta says:

    About Eric Infosystems what i think is,it is one of the best rapidly growing website builders where quality meets the expectations……i think this is the motive every software web developer must have…..and i thank Eric Infosystems for providing me with such a extravagant website within a very short span of 2 weeks time…..Thank u EricInfosystems …..hope in the near future i’ll be your client once again !!

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