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For every organisation the most important aspect is the Workforce. It is obvious how the workforce is directly proportional to the revenue of the company.

In today’s market we have companies using many applications used to track the productivity of their employees. And the new entry into the list is ESS by Studio Thorn Softech Pvt. Ltd. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on with the ESS and review it.

So Who is ESS for ?

ESS is a productivity enhancement and business insight gathering tool which can be used by any organisation for managing and increasing productivity with existing business resources.

ESS is not vertical dependent and can be used by any organisation who has employees and they work on their PC’s, and of course they want to gather real in house data which they can use for better and smarter business decisions.

How is ESS different from other employee productivity monitors?

ESS is not an employee monitor tool, instead it is collaboration tool with transparent workflow.

Employees know that ESS is running and they interact with it frequently, they get personal productivity reports and their performance over other employees.

ESS focus on insights which are smart and business friendly and show direct monetary growth or decline to the organisation. So that they can plan and verify the strategies and productivity levels which they expect. We can simply say ESS is more Employee and Organisation friendly.

What are the most important features of ESS?

ESS is feature loaded, we have worked on details which will be beneficial directly to everyone using it right from employee > team leaders > business owners/stake holders. Simplicity and ease of use are ESS’s main strong points.  We are adding features regularly and every detail/minute feature is very important. We have focused on how more can be achieved with fewer inputs and less interventions and creating noise in organisations existing infrastructure. ESS seamlessly gets along with existing infrastructure and is totally un-disruptive.

  • Real time status with time tracking.
  • Performance analysis on multiple levels.
  • Comparative analytical insights for smarter business decisions.
  • Awesome business insights.

And lots more.

ESS is available and is free to use for small companies, there are several plans including custom plans too which can be tailored according to need. You can try ESS at




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