Everyone can be an Entrepreneur but everyone cannot buy patience


So basically who actually is this entrepreneur ? Well the simple answer can be one who is a businessman , in a more layman terms one who sells products and makes a living. Well the literary or rather thedictionary meaning of entrepreneur can be someone who organizes , manages and assumes the risk of a business. So simply by listening to the word entrepreneur we recall the names of the giants Anil Ambani , Mukesh Ambani , Bill Gates etc. Are only these tycoons can be entrepreneurs ? What can we say about the street vendor who we see each day selling the goods sitting by the roadside , selling the products and making his living ? Well he is also an entrepreneur. Entreprenuer come in all ages , genders , shapes and sizes . A kid selling lemonade on the street is an entrepreneur . The man mending the shoes under the roof of a tree is an entrepreneur . The woman selling flowers on the street is an entrepreneur , as is the little boy collecting old newspapers to sell it for recycling . So what is the common factor which works out among all of them in spite of the variety ? Well it’s the quality to think different , to take risks and they are self starters who think creativity .

So is it so easy to think differently and become an entrepreneur. We as human beings are all unique . Each one of us has the ability to think differently. So if one fine morning I think to open up a business with a brand new idea will I become an entrepreneur. Well it is not that easy. We need to have one thing that is patience . From childhood we have been inculcated with the thoughts there is no shortcut to success , Slow and steady wins the race , Failures are the pillars of success. A real entrepreneur is one who never gets scared of failures rather stands by it and fights it. We all have busy lives, obviously the world is changing and we have to move on the razor’s edge. Its said now money speaks . But is it actually true. Each day or the other we travel through local trains , buses etc. We get to meet many such vendors some very poor, some who just for a penny trying to convince customers to buy their products , what works for them its nothing but this patience. They don’t mind sitting through the rough pathways just to make a living. It is this drive which makes him very different. Its very easy to touch the sky but its very difficult to fall to the ground and once you fall again rise from there. One who has learnt this trick will be a successful person in life. We are all living in this technological era where everything is at our fingertips. Social networking sites are a boon. Within a click of a mouse we are connected to our old lost acquantainces. Facebook is one such example. But have we ever wondered that how this facebook actually came into existence. Initially the site facebook was actually developed in 1977 with the name thefacebook.com but someone advised the owner to delete the word the. Can we ever imagine that dropping a mere word took facebook took twelve to thirteen years to get into our minds and now a billion dollar company . Had the owner of facebook lost his patience midway he would not have been so successful as he is today. Another example can be Chris Gardner , the owner of the Gardner Rich. The once homeless , raising a 20 month old son now a million dollar man . What makes him different ? Its his patience . Its said once Gardner met a man driving a Red Ferrari in a parking lot . He asked him what he did ? the man said he was a stockbroker and making $80000 a month. From that moment Gardner resolved that he would be a stockbroker . He lined up his interview with Dean Witter , but the day before his interview he was taken to jail for a backlog of parking tickets he couldn’t afford to pay. So he went to his interview unshaven , disheveled , yesterday’s clothes. However he explained his situation and was hired but for trial purpose. But he didn’t let his patience go away, he worked hard , made 200 calls a day and rose to become one of the top earners at Dean Witter . And later opened up his own brokerage firm Gardner Rich , which is still thriving . He was patient enough to see things through. Similar is the case of Dell , Hewlett Packard and many others who have built their empires from the scratch in small doable steps with large doses of patience and perseverance. There is no shortcut to success. If we aim at something we need to have that patience the determination to do it. As the saying goes Rome was not built in a day. It took years and years. We cannot expect our customers to like our products immediately. We need to build the strategies to make our product likeable to be different. If we dream to be successful we need to start small. We cannot expect our castle to be build in just one day, We need to face the hurdles that come in our way , Only then can we be successful. One we learn this mantra in life there is no looking back. This is what makes an entrepreneur different, very unique.


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