About two weeks ago I was scanning through “The Start-Up Manual” when my dad called… He wanted to share a thought on an alternative way of  hiring an co-worker on his farm. After the call I realized that although my dad is not a Mark Zuckerberg type of person and his farm is not designed to scale up after a pilot period, as a smallscale farmer from the Netherlands he is facing most of the challenges that start-up teams have too.

–  He is looking for a repeatable business model that is profitable in the short and long term.

–  To beat the competition he has specialized in certain crops and products that best fits his knowledge as well as local environment (customers, soil, climate, etc.).

–  He is raising money to sustain his position in the market,

–  He does marketing and sales to find customers and overall:

–  just as a (co)founder of a start-up, he is working very hard and managing all the different processes that are taking place at the same time.”

As the work of a farmer is very similar to a (co)founder of a start-up I started to wonder why I’ve never read something like “The Farm-Up Manual”. Wouldn’t it make sense to apply the tools and knowledge that is being generated in starting “Silicon Valley companies” on farm level? Please comment below, what do you think…?

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