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A farming initiative by the two IIT graduates which helped the villagers of Vaishali district in Bihar earn three times what they used to earn before. An initiative which helps farmers to learn and implement new techniques such as water harvesting and organic farming.It makes farmers stake holders and their business model is to be taken to other farms and farmers across the Northern States of India. FnF was incorporated as a non-government, non-profit organization that works with farmers for empowering and upgrading their current socio-economic condition through innovative ways of farming by using latest technologies and does research & development work in that area. It aims to improve land profitability and thus increases revenue generation for Land owners, farmers and farm labourers. It provides a helping hand to the farmer to reduce their mental agony and to maximize revenue by use of innovative ways of farming. On the other hand it provides government subsidies and training infrastructure for the farmers in their network. It showed a new way of carrying out scientific farming rather than following the conventional farming.

                  Farms n Farmers was setup in October 2010 by Shashank Kumar, alumnus IIT-Delhi graduate (2004-2008), and Manish Kumar, an IIT-Kharagpur postgraduate (2005-10) having vast experience of Rural Development and Agriculture as well as Supply chain, Retail and FMCG. Shashank after graduating in 2008 was working in a management consulting firm at Gurgaon. His area of operation was FMCG consultancy services and supply chain management. During that period he came across problems of sourcing raw materials from farmers. He left the job after two-and-a-half years. Shashank came from an agricultural family at Chapra district and had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur which he proved to be true after leaving his job.He wanted to contribute for the agricultural sector as he felt it to be most important and highly neglected sector in India. One of his friends Manish Kumar also joined him who shares the same dream. Manish has been very interested in social work from his school days. He has worked for other NGOs and is the co-founder of a society called “Sambhav” ( at IIT Kharagpur which works for employing people and providing basic education to nearby villages of IIT Kharagpur. Manish has always thought of working for the society rather than working under someone in a MNC. Both of them turned down their lucrative job offers to fulfill their dream and came forward to form the Farms n Farmers farming solutions company with the aim of providing end to end solutions to farmers. Their main initiative was to educate farmers about soil quality, crop selection and marketing of their products. In October 2010, they started their project at Chakdharia village of Bihar, which is the village of Manish. Initially they started with 14 farmers of the village as it was difficult for them to convince farmers about their plans and modern procedures because the farmers had a fear of being cheated which generally used to happen in our country, they were unwilling to change their conventional pattern. To overcome this problem they formed an advisory team, which included experts and scientists from IIT- Kharagpur, Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour (Bhagalpur), Rajendra Agricultural University, Pusa. With help of this team they succeeded in convincing farmers.

Farmers generally face problems in terms of water shortage and labour and still grow paddy and wheat in bad condition. They provided a solution based on soil condition and farmer profile, basing on it crop selection was done. They ensured proper input availability, training, query solving and marketing. The turning point was when they opt for growing rajma instead of wheat which resulted in 100% profit and thus it helped Farms and Farmers to enter other villages of Bihar and help other farmers in gaining profit. Farms n Farmers now works in Sitamarhi, Muzaffarpur, Purnea, Banka, Rohtas and Patna with over 1,000 farmers. They used to make a survey about the need of the market and basing on the survey report they use to grow crop which can give them maximum profit. There was no third person between consumer and the farmer. They made best use of their marketing skills to sell the agricultural product. It was also not possible for the poor farmers to go to the bigger market for selling their products. They also worked on post –harvesting problems which are mostly neglected. They have almost achieved their path to success and are looking forward to supply rice to Walmart. FnF would be exporting potatoes from small villages and is working on reducing cost and gaining more profit. Manish had saved Rs 1.5 lakh during his internship at Belgium during his final year of IIT. Sashank too saved money during his job. Both of them utilized the money in a proper way to carry out a noble work to help farmers. They have starting growing turmeric, moong, paddy and papaya.



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                        Working Model of Farms and Farmers






Farm and Farmer team now comprises of highly qualified and experienced personnel and experts in Organic Farming, Soil Technology, Self-sustainable & Need-based farming and Horticulture. The entire team is committed to use their diverse experience, skills and knowledge to understand the issues faced by farms as well as farmers by working at the grassroot level. Other project areas include improvement of farms condition and maintenance, augmentation of fertility, so that long term profitability can be achieved in all aspects.

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Deepak Kumar Senapati
Eastern Academy Of Science And Technology, 2012
About Me: I am pursuing B.Tech in Electronics And Telecommunication branch in Eastern Academy Of Science And Technology. I am a Volunteer in Bakul Foundation(NGO) which work for protection of our environment and provides help to children in terms of education. I also support NGOs like Greenpeace, Avaaz and Care2.I believe that there is ample of opportunities in this world and the only thing one need to do is mend himself to grab those.


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