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The soft headed brain of ours is always filled with one or the other ideas , those ideas may seems stupid or crazy but are worth trying for..those stupid ideas if became successful will be taken as inspiration for others to try for something innovative..and if became an unsuccessful attempt of being successful  will become a relic to laugh at for others..though both ” Innovate or Laugh”  can be considered as something worthy.

After all entrepreneurs are born to bring changes from challenges..the little entrepreneur in me would have always remain hidden, if i would have not meet the other crank and stupid mind, Mr. Vaibhav Patni whose way of thinking and laziness was above my par..the swift friendship of ours took the swinging turn, when our common ideas to innovate by engaging in business met..

This is how “FRENFED” came into being..

“Frenfed” basically Friends federation, is a group that conspire two friends to think about what there life would be in years ahead  Oops i forgot to mention who am i..I am Gaurav Jain, the other co-founder of FRENFED other then legendary Vaibhav patni

We both are engineering student with business minds…

Though we both belong to city of poha n jalebi, i.e. Indore , Vaibhav is persuing is engineering from walchand institute of technology, Solapur (Maharashtra) while i am studying in shri Vaishnav institute of technology and science, Indore. It was our soul motto of getting our self-engaged in business that kept us bonded despite having a distance drawn and this was the very reason to dedicate our company name as

“friends federation”  reflecting how friendship can set the new scenario to business world.


But just thinking that we have to get into business is not enough, after all business is not about planning but executing what you have planned.


It is rightly said…” Many great ideas go unexecuted and many great executioners are without ideas, one without the other is worthless” thus despite being having numerous ideas, we want to get ourself with innovative and incredible one, and thus we are holding patience to get something worthy to make our attempt of setting FRENFED as an example of friendship above business… this article may give the glimpse of incompleteness, cause it actually is.. the reason being in spite of giving it imperfect completion we won’t mind giving our self a perfect beginning.  with this positive note i wish that we will me getting a perfect start every soon.

cause we know what we actually are, and what we deserve. on this hopeful note, i prefer logging off.


Thanking you


(Gaurav Jain)

(Vaibhav Patni)



  1. Nikita Mantri says:

    vry nice article and gud thoughts..”entrepreneurs are born to bring changes from challenges”..really impressive linei wish u will get what ur thinking about..! Gud luck n all the Bst..:-) 🙂

  2. Ritu lunawat says:

    nice article……!!gud luck…:-)      

  3. Sukant Jain says:

    Its great that a new thinking is created in field of business with friendship,But i have a doubt regarding a problem in this idea which was also explained by many philosophers that any business should not contain any type of emotions, but friendship is full of emotions like  there is a saying “agar ghoda ghaas se dosti karlega to khaega kya?” so give some ideas to overcome this problem in this new scenario to business world.

  4. ayushi patni says:

    good one!!!

  5. ankit mahajan says:

    nice….frientship-cum-entrepreneurship….great initiative63

  6. abhishek jain says:

    there is no question against the inspiration of foolish ideas ……but some motivational freinds also acquinted in other way which also inspires others…so cheers for your entreFRENurship ideas 🙂 111

  7. Aakash says:

    nice idea guys . Its good to start business , to turn friendship into a business partnership and above all keeping friendship above business .just hoping for u guys to came up with an innovative idea and who knows friends federation may set a new scenario to business world .

  8. gaurav patni says:

    gud onea gud ideatry it out professionally

  9. vizit says:

    what an idea sirjeeeee,,,,,,,,,,,,,go get it

  10. disha jain says:

    gud luck guys…:)

  11. Prasham says:

    very well written………

  12. shubham jain says:

    Best Wishes Dosto !!!!!Keep Going !!!!!!!

  13. Saurabh Wadhwani says:

    It’s an awesome attempt Guys……… Institutes in india are just producing Employees and not Leaders unlike U.S.A. and europian countries. Me being an Ent appreciate ur initiative. And loved that line “Fail faster to succeed sooner”.

  14. Pushkar says:

    itz a gr8 idea guys,. get it on….

  15. Juhi says:

    Amazing article.Dreaming entrepreneurs..all the best..:)

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