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Acube Technologies LLP is all about redefining web solutions. It deal in website design and development, graphic designing, SEO, Internet Marketing and branding and all that you can think of in the online world. The team consists of people from the Computer and IT fields, creative minds dedicated to deliver the best services in the promised time.

Acube Technologies LLP story 

One fine day, Anand Meena (founder of Acube Technologies LLP) was approached to make some changes in the college website. He was already known among the student circles to be a tech wiz. That day he made whatever changes were required in the website. He also suggested a complete redesigning of the website. He undertook the responsibility and in the process of remaking the website, he also taught a few other students the art of web designing and development.

Anand and his friends were enjoying the work and thought of working on it professionally. This was 2009. Thus was born AcubeSolutions (now Acube Technologies LLP). The enthusiasm of the techies was unbound as they started getting requests to design college fest websites. They charged for a few and sponsored a few. The joy they got each time the websites were launched was great.

As word spread, they started getting offers from corporate for website designing. It was always a proud moment for the team when the work got appreciated.

The fact that AcubeSolutions (now Acube Technologies LLP) was getting projects without any marketing or publicity was what guided the team to decide to pursue it as their career. They believed it was God’s will to do the work and they all loved it! What better to have as a profession than something you started and you love?

They started with basic website designing and management, domain and web hosting. Today, they develop one of the best websites, graphic designs, posters and all kind of print media. Today, the team has grown and has big plans for the future. Also, the company, which was so far a proprietorship firm, will be undergoing a slight change in name after registration: Its now Acube Technologies LLP.
Acube Technologies LLP team

The team started with students, the founders themselves being students of Delhi College of Engineering (now Delhi Technological University.) They were pursuing BE in Computer Science. The team grew with more talented students joining in. The work was steady and they never took more projects than they could handle. Studies were also something they had to do to complete graduation.

Today the team has experienced web developers, graphic designers, search engine optimizers and more. Each person is dedicated towards one specific work. The best thing about the team is that they are in love with the work and thus it gets easier to work creatively on each project. The work is not seen as a burden or just as a source of income.

Yes, Acube is looking to hire people for marketing and sales division. Also, looking forward for expansion, it indeed requires more web developers to join them!

A bit more about Acube, its market and clients

The biggest challenge Acube face every day is the huge number of web designers who put up posters of “Rs. 3000/- me website banwaiye” behind every auto rickshaw! Acube’s client when questions on higher charges. They answer that for them quality matters, often Acube get ridiculed.

What is it that makes a brand like Band Aid so special? Each time you get hurt, you will run to get a band aid. But what happens each time you think of getting a website done? Does any particular name ever come to your head? NO! That is where and how they wish to reach out to people by offering quality products and services. Clients’ happiness is their motto so that they will always think of them when they have online solutions on their mind.

Our efficiency, giving work on time is what sets us apart and most importantly, the trust!
Due to the quality of their service and word of mouth one client, a VC from Dubai got to know about Acube. He collaborated in such a way that each venture that he funded was asked to get its website done by Acube. With the increase in popularity of Acube, more clients pouring in.

They started earning from the day one and never have to think about cash flow. Website solution market is not stagnating it’s still growing at a pace. Entry barrier in terms of seed money is less for this market. The one who can provide quality services and keep up with changing technologies will grow and survive in this low profit market. 10 yrs back Website designing used to be 99% profit market now it’s not the case. Most domain registrar provide website making solution but at price. Still most customers who needs web presence in India does not have technical knowhow to setup their own website. For such people website designer is a must.

New technologies are pouring in like Ruby on Rails, Web 2.0, iPhone and Android app development, Social community management for businesses, digital brand management, etc.. Acube Technologies will looking forward in to these areas to scale up their business and revenue.

So far, Acube have not been into fundraising. In near future expansion will take place automatically as the team size grow and their expertise. They wish to establish themselves in Delhi first in the first half of 2012.

Any day, you wish to have a great website designed and developed, do come to Acube !


  1. neha says:

    congrats anwesha mam and anand sir

  2. Anwesha Bose says:

    Thank you aniket sir. with your best wishes lets make acube the leading online solutions company.

  3. Harman Singh says:

    Hey congrats bro! Nice to see you guys doing good! An entrepreneur is truly an all rounder 🙂

  4. Aman Sharma says:

    Good one! Good Luck to the Team…

  5. Aniket Mukherjee says:

    Glad to see a technical startup by engineering students of such a reputed institution. Wish Acube Technologies Team best of luck. Congrats!

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