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Its good to own a house/ property but its a pain to get the regular works done e.g., painting, plumbing etc. Its become even painful when it comes to smaller works like fixing the poor door hinges, leaking pipes, poor switch board fittings which you can’t do on your own.

But if you are from Bangalore then its a good news for you. 3 IIT Kanpur graduates understood the need and presented a solution for you.

Gapoon is an online platform where you can hire trusted and verified professionals including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, pest control and computer repairman. By hassle-free single click appointment booking process, Gapoon helps you connect with best local tradesman of your choice.

As the problems may come unannounced, Gapoon understand the urgency of your situation by providing option of “Urgent Appointment” at no extra cost.

Techaloo got an opportunity to have a chit chat with Mr. Apoorva Mishra, brain behind the idea of Gapoon.

Techaloo: What was your vision/mission while starting Gapoon?
Apoorva: Gapoon is a sincere effort to organize one of the largest dis-organized markets in India by allowing users to hire servicemen of choice on-line and hence providing quality leads to service providers, promoting their business and saving both time and money.

Our vision is to build the ultimate platform which allows users to efficiently connect with the required servicemen of their choice without all the hassles that come along with finding a suitable service provider and that too at their utmost convenience. While also catering to the business needs of service providers, allowing them to establish an adequate online presence and help connect to these users in a reliable, convenient and time-saving way.

Techaloo: What was your motivation to start Gapoon?
The idea of Gapoon incepted out of my own frustration. I moved to Bangalore last August for the job change. Being unfamiliar with my neighborhood, I had a hard time locating reliable service providers to help me with basic services like electrical and plumbing jobs to be done in my new house. After a frustrating month, I discussed the need of an online platform catering to all the basic home services. That’s when I along with my roommate Ankit and my friend Ankita decided to solve this problem of disorganized market and provide people with an easy, reliable, efficient and elegant way to get these basics jobs done.

We spent more than a quarter of a year doing a thorough market research. We met with hundreds of service provider to hear their side of the story realizing that they too were suffering from similar frustration as we once did. Most of such service providers didn’t have adequate online presence. Those who had were not receiving enough ‘quality leads’. We refer to a quality lead as a job which is – a) confirmed by the user b) is forwarded to only one service provider avoiding any hassles c) coherent to service provider’s requirement and expertise. Most of such vendors were paying a lot for leads which they couldn’t or wouldn’t cater. Based on feedbacks from both the sides of the market- vendors (supply side) and users (demand side), we started building our platform that would accommodate the dynamics of consumer services domain and thus we ideated the best suited solution-Gapoon.


Techaloo: What hurdles did you face while starting?


  • Finding properly trained professionals as service provider partners. We spent more than a couple of months roaming streets to streets to find proficient vendors and convincing them to join us. Language barrier made this job extra demanding.
  • Building a user friendly and all device responsive website and app in a short span of a month along with our regular jobs.
  • Reaching out to target customers and marketing within budget constraints.
  • Preventing service providers from directly contacting Gapoon users

Techaloo: Tell us something about the services offered by Gapoon?
Apoorva: Gapoon is an online consumer services platform where users can hire trusted and verified professionals by hassle-free single click appointment booking process. We currently offer services like plumbers, general electricians, appliances repairs (AC, refrigerator, washing machine, inverter, heaters, pumps, mixer grinders etc.), computer repairs (hardware & software solutions, printer repair, RAM upgrades etc). We will soon be expanding our services to all the basic home solutions like house-keeping, pest control, carpenter, painter, cooks, maids, tillers and many more.

As the problems may come unannounced, Gapoon also provides an option of ‘Urgent Appointment’ at no extra cost. We ensure that an apt serviceman reaches user’s doorstep within 2 hours.

Techaloo: How are you different from your competitors?
Gapoon helps users to connect with the best local service men of their choice. We plan to bridge the existing gap in this market by creating an online market place for such consumer services which operates on the following principles giving us an edge above our competitors:

  1. Users can book appointment for plumber, electricians or computer repairmen within 20 seconds
  2. Users can also choose vendors of their choice based on reviews, ratings, wager details, publicity index and many other attributes.
  3. For people in urgency, we have facility of ‘Urgent Appointment’ ensuring an apt service provider within 2 hours of booking time.
  4. We moderate our rates to be the best in the industry providing users an economic solution to home problems
  5. Users can fix the appointment date and time based on their free time and availability.

Techaloo:What is your pricing model?
We do not charge anything to the users. We charge our partner vendors with a quarterly registration fee and a nominal fixed tariff per confirmed appointment.

Techaloo: Currently you are offering services in Bangalore, do you have any plans to scale it up to other cities?
As I have mentioned earlier, our target is to organize the consumer services market in India by providing best solution to all home problems. We will soon expand to whole Bangalore with a much larger services domain including plumber, electrician, computer repair, house cleaning, pest control, carpenter, painter, cooks, maids and many more. And we plan to expand to 14 other cities by 2016.

gapoon_banner2Techaloo: How is the response till now?
We have received quite positive response from both user and vendor side. Everyday increasing social media influence and added users give us even more motivation to successfully adhere to our mission. Also the vendors are quite satisfied with this efficient business boost that Gapoon provides them without wasting their time.

Techaloo: What was the response from your family while starting?
They were a little reluctant in the beginning looking at the fact that we were bidding adieu to our high paying corporate careers and entering in this world of uncertainty. But once we explained them the concept behind Gapoon, they soon got on-board as they can also relate to the need of existence of such a convenient platform for the home services.

Techaloo: What was the primary source of seed fund?
We are currently bootstrapped but in talks with few investors for seed funding.

Techaloo: What are your plans for next 3 years?
In the next 3 years we plan to expand further in other cities as well as cover all the possible domains that come under the umbrella of home services. We aim to diversify our services to house cleaning, pest control, carpenter, painter, cooks, maids and many more and also broaden our reach by expanding to 14 other cities in the coming years.

Techaloo: What message do you want to give to an aspiring entrepreneur?
To be an entrepreneur requires a great deal of patience, hard-work and support from family & friends. For an aspiring entrepreneur, I would like to say that just go with your guts. There is never a right or wrong time to start a new thing. If you are passionate enough about your idea, there is no stopping you what so ever. So just believe in yourself and follow your vision. You will eventually realize that this journey itself was the biggest teacher regardless of what your destination will be.

Techaloo: What do you think about
A platform like encourages all the entrepreneurs out there to follow their passions. It unites all to create a community which not only provides exposure but also acts as a silent mentor.

Mohit Bansal(23) is B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India. He has interest in business and entrepreneurship and has published couple of research articles. He is also associated with various NGOs. He is with Techaloo when it was just in concept stage. The Techaloo site was not existing even then. Currently Mohit is working with Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst Profile.

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  1. vijaya chadnrika says:

    Hi Sir ,

    We have a own house in Hebbala Bangalore . It is 8 years old building .
    We want to do few repairs for it . There are few cracks in the building ,
    And marble steps are to be polished . Few wardrobes need repair . There are few more things . After all this is done we need to paint the house completely . Interior and external walls also . We need skilled ppl to do all these works .

    Please let us know if your suggestions . And do you have ppl who can do the whole stuff.

    Lets us know
    This is my phone number

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