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Before I get to the GenYouthon, I shall first introduce to you LoudVibeGenY which has organised  this event.

LoudVibeGenY is a group managed by Mr.Gaurav Mishra in India. This group does a large variety of things and one among them is organising Conferences and Meetings for Budding Entrepreneurs.

On the occasion of their 1st Anniversary(23rd June) LoudVibeGenY in collaboration with TechAloo has organised an event called “GenYouthon” for young chaps interested in Entrepreneurship.

The conference had 4 great speakers to enlighten the audience on different aspects of Entrepreneurship. The speakers were

1. Farrhad Accidwalla, is just 18 year old and founder of Rockstah Media. He started off as one of the world’s youngest entrepreneurs and Rockstah Media was the first company in his bucket. Farrhad has received several awards and has spoken at many colleges and conferences. Besides being featured in a book on the world’ top young entrepreneurs he has also been featured on CNN, CNN Money, CNN-IBN, and the Times of India.

2. Abhishek shetty,  19 year old college student from Mumbai and the author of  “Academic Excellence… The Start of The Learning Revolution” which is based on his two year research of the learning and daily habits of the best students from various schools.

3. Eshan Yagnik,  A  very  Passionate, hardworking student , dancer and a dedicated member of LoudvibeGenY.  A person who can be depended upon for managing any event and handling employees.  He is the line maker of LoudVibe GenY as he knows what passion means and learns how to deal with difficulties as life goes along.

4. Rohan Jangid, Youth article writer who writes articles on subject such as leadership, women empowerment  etc.

In regard to their objective Aashish Jain, Managing Director & CEO of LoudVibeGenY, said “We are here to inspire every youth possible and make our country the world’s best by eradicating unemployement. As we all know keeping the current economy in mind we need to maintain and work with diversity if we wish to earn more money .”


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