Getting Started is the Secret of Getting Started Ahead


Just yesterday, I and two other boys were called upon by a young man to help push his faulty car till it works. I noticed that the energy exerted when the car was not moving was greater than the energy exerted when it started moving. When the car was in motion, only one of us was able to singlehandedly push the car and few seconds later, we do not apply further force on the car as the car started moving. There is a great lesson to learn from this short story of mine, if we did not pushed the car, it would have remained in the position of rest, if the young man did not call us for assistance, we would not have helped him. In other words, the first step in solving a problem is to have an insight on the problem.

Getting started indeed is the secret of getting ahead. No doubt, this is the basis of any type of motivation whatsoever. Here are some few instances; if you were not given birth to, how will you grow? If you do not plant, how will you harvest? It you do not read, how will you pass?

Newton’s first law of motion states that a body will continue to remain at rest or at constant motion unless an effective force acts on the body. This law is otherwise known as the law of inertia. Every phrase of this law is embedded with meanings. Let us consider the first phrase of this law; a body will remain at rest– This refers to an ignorant person who is a problem to himself and to his community, this person lacks vision for the future and urgently needs help to get ahead. The first step in solving such a person’s problem is letting him or her to know and accept that continually being in the state of rest is a problem. Being in the state of rest can also mean not starting something new. Usually, most people choose to be in the position of rest because; they are scared of failing, they do not want to make a loss, they do not want to make mistakes, they do not want to be criticized. In the real sense, trying and failing is better than failing to try.

One major reason reasons why people face financial problem in the society is because they failed to try a business while in school. Students are meant learn a lot of things in school and this includes how to generate income but it is dishearten that some students are just too scared of failing while some do not just want to make mistakes. The fact is that nobody is perfect. Excellent business icons that we admire today had made bunch of errors before they eventually succeeded, a mansion cannot be built in a day, believe me your journey of thousand miles will start if only you will decide to take that first bold step.

For one to grow in business, there are certain stages one has to pass through which are the preliminary steps in starting up a business and they include; research on the type of business, location of business, knowing customer’s taste, designing varieties, billing strategy etc. These are the thing that makes up a business, they are technical aspects of business in which importance must be attached to. At this stage of getting started in business, there will be a lot of discouragements, setbacks and shortcomings. In fact, a lot business has collapsed at this stage but there should be there should be an inner drive that will overcome such limitations. Your focus should be on results and not on the fear of failure. Don’t be disturbed by starting small, big things starts small.

I consider it advantageous to share with you the business story of a close friend of mine. When he was in his third year in the University, he saw some students in active printing business even as students, he saw how much money they had and how well they were doing academically. So because of what he saw, him also to start up a printing business. Of course, he encountered series of challenges when he started but he has this passion for solving problems. He did this business in the School’s hostel and a lot of student did their printing inside his room that he works till night at times because he had to attend to everyone. He made a lot of money that he was able to save a substantial amount of money per week. Despite his busy schedule, he did not forgo his studies. He finds time to read usually at night, he is now a graduate of Common Law. Most people liked him because he interacts with everyone kindly and also, he had many of friends. When I see him treat customers so nicely, I say to myself no one can treat his business like that it won’t flourish. What your business needs to grow is your right attitude.

If you get started, people will not only move closer to you, but you are also laying example for students that have similar motive. A lot of students are interested in starting up a business and also ready to take up entrepreneur roles but they just want to see how it is done, they need a guardian, they need a mentor. Unfortunately, the University is not doing enough to encourage students in starting up a business while on campus. Just as the only way to be a good writer is by writing, the way to become a business mogul is by initially starting up a business no matter what they size. This makes me ask the question, do our Universities train us to become business moguls?

On the final note, by starting up a business, you are not only helping yourself and family; you are also helping your country’s economy by increasing her Gross Domestic Product (G.D.P) this implies that you are earning more money than that which you are spending. By doing this, you are making more money available to your country. Furthermore, you won’t be a liability on your parent or guardian and you can channel the profit made from your business into your studies other beneficial investments. Avoid any of abdication which may head to aberration and I assure you that your business is on a trip to the land of success.

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