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In the year 1996, two Stanford students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin realized that the herculean task of searching the massive web of internet can be made easier. Those were the humble beginnings of the media and technology giant that we have come to know and love as Google. What is it that propelled this simple college start up into superstardom?
There are a few simple principles that Googlers follow:
1. Focus on the user and the rest will follow.
2. Fast is better than slow.
3. Democracy on the web works.
4. You can make money without doing evil.
5. Need for information crosses all borders.
6. Great just isn’t good enough!
Fulfilling requirements of the user has been the ultimate motive of Google. They have moulded and changed themselves over the years to suit the need of their varied and wide-ranging demographic of users. Whether it’s their patented PageRank system to filter search results or their clutter free homepage, everything is designed with the user in mind. When Google introduced Gmail, the one gigabyte of free space coupled with Google’s search power gave it a significant edge over other email services. Google’s constant determination to satisfy their user’s demands quickly put them ahead of their competition.
Google transcends national boundaries with 180 domains, offices in more than 60 countries and a search interface available in 130 languages. It recognises that the need of information crosses borders and its translation tools have helped bring the world closer together.
Another unique dimension of Google is its sheer respect for innovation. At the Google office innovation is king! The unique and unusual 20% rule in their office allows employees to work on their own creations and ideas for 20 % of the total time each week. These ideas are not in vain; they are taken forward and executed as well. This has helped spawn many of Google’s other products like Google news, Google Product Search (previously known as Froogle) and many others. This and other typical Google ways have made it a popular employer as well.
Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Google! It was built with patience, hard work and a lot of goodwill. And it is ever rising; from search to Chrome to Android to Google+, Google is constantly refining and bringing us new products every day.
This is what makes Google tick, an unparalleled success story and a dream seen through. Don’t be evil and don’t stop trying. It is the story that makes people like you and I feel like we can truly achieve new heights. So keep innovating and keep dreaming!


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