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Healthrecordsindia is a bunch of young Indians who really think that the Medical Records Management of the Indian Citizen can be much better than what it is today. Hence, the initiative The most advanced personal health records solution designed for the Indian healthcare system.

They want to make use of the internet, cloud, mobile devices, and innovate persistently so as to try and provide the best electronic health records solution for the Indian Healthcare System and help promote prompt and efficient healthcare delivery.

Indian healthcare system is ‘barrier-ated’ when it comes to accessing your own medical reports or history. You find yourself in a fix during emergencies when your data is with the doctor, somewhere in the hospital records or at your home. Sometimes, the pages become brittle or you simply lose them forever. Digitisation and web based solution given by our website comes to the aid here. is a cloud based solution that collects, digitises, optimises any type of medical records (Prescriptions, Xrays, ECG, CT Scans etc.)  and stores them in a secure and easy-to-access way.

Techaloo got an opportunity to have a chit chat with Siddharth, CEO of HealthRecordsIndia. Let see what he wants to share with our audience.

Techaloo : How the entrepreneurship journey started? Or who inspired you to start the venture?
Siddharth : While living in Canada, I realized my love for the motherland and decided to return back home. On my return I saw a very close friend of mine, who was detected of cancer, run around with his reports to get different opinions from the doctors. It was painful to see him suffer and travel. He passed away eventually and I realized, what if these reports were shared online? What if he had spent the travel time with his family during the last few days? What if the doctor’s opinion would have come to him online?

Techaloo : How did this idea come to your mind?
Siddharth : As mentioned to you, the incident really jolted me… How many patients suffer like this? Why can’t the government do anything? Why can’t the health service providers, all collaborate like in Canada?

I realized that this is a distant dream, and the only solution is to empower the only touch point for multiple healthcare providers – the patient. Thus with the help of my Doctor Brother, Dr. Saurabh Panchal, we created a cloud based, patient centric, doctor conducive health records management platform

Techaloo : Why the name “HealthRecordsIndia”? While, you have services for other documents as well.
Siddharth :
We have developed a complete medical records management application, but have created a separate folder for keeping other important documents like Insurance policies, medical policies, passport copies, etc. This being an extension to the application, for practical utility purposes. We are very focused on the services we are providing and do not wish to deviate from it.


Techaloo : What was the vision mission of the What exactly you wanted to do when you started your business?
Siddharth :
At Aadhyaa Healthcare Services, We believe that healthcare services need a big time overhaul in India. From the way a patient is managed to the way a patient manages his health records. World over, there have been many innovations and developments in the healthcare services sector, yet none is customised and focussed especially for the Indian customer.

Today, in India, there are many players in the field of MHRs, EHRs and EMRs, yet they are only focusing on addressing the healthcare service provider’s problems; none of which are completely synced, making it the biggest bottleneck for taking a holistic approach towards gathering a patient’s COMPLETE MEDICAL INFORMATION.

Thus, we created with a vision to empower the Indian patient, educate him about the importance of maintaining all medical records and help him do it effectively.


Techaloo : What kind of difficulties you had faced while starting the venture?
Siddharth :
Well, it is definitely tough to start a business in India. Our banking system specially, needed IT Returns of the previous 3 years to issue me a credit card / short term loan on my current account. I really get amazed, that how can you say that you provide start up loans, to a 3 year old company, and if such a company is 3 years old, how is it a start up?

But the joy of working with a wonderful team is worth it. Some of the major difficulties we faced were to find good developers for the website and application. I somehow feel that in Gujarat, a professional approach towards development and delivery is missing. Those who do it are too expensive for a startup to afford. Thus, we built our own team (this also being tedious process to find the right candidates. Lastly, the biggest challenge is to make people aware about a new concept and make them spend for it (though a very less amount) when it does not come on their priority list.


Techaloo : Share some info about your products and services here.
Siddharth :
healthrecordsindia is a subscription based model. I.e. we have a standard product with different subscription plans. We offer a 1 year, 3 year and a 5 year subscription. All the plans carry the same set of features and services. Some of the main services that available are:

  1. Health records – digitized, optimized and properly arranged (date / type wise)
  2. Health Charts
  3. Vital Documents
  4. Pickups
  5. Phone Call Alerts
  6. Email Alerts
  7. Vaccination Table and Vaccination Alerts
  8. Emergency Profile login
  9. Unlimited sharing of records
  10. Allergies records
  11. Procedures and conditions records

Techaloo : Tell us more about “Health Chart”.
Siddharth : Health Charts is where you can chart almost all your medical data like Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose etc. It is then displayed in a very simple and user friendly way.


Techaloo : How does it work? Do I need to scan the documents?
Siddharth :
We have tied up with FedEx so as to get all the medical records from anywhere in India to our setup. So that we DIGITIZE (SCAN), OPTIMIZE and UPLOAD all the records so you don’t have to scan any of the documents. What’s more? You can actually scan your documents and send us so that we can optimize and upload them.

Techaloo : What security measures are you taking for legal/ important documents?
Siddharth :
We have been using 256 bit SSL encryption , that has been put to work for securing all the documents.

Techaloo : What are the price model for the same?
Siddharth :
We have 1, 3 and 5 years subscription plans as discussed above.

Techaloo : Let say, I opted for 1 year plan. Will you provide some kind of data backup after subscription ending?
Siddharth : Our website gives you all the freedom to download your records at any time during your subscription period. But as and when your subscription ends, your records gets deleted if your account is not renewed.

Techaloo : What are the limitations on size and no. of documents?
Siddharth :
On subscription of the service, we digitize ALL THE PREVIOUS RECORDS OF THE INDIVIDUAL. There is no limit for the total number of documents. For size of the document – per file maximum size limit is kept to 8MB, this is to restrict people to upload content with large sizes which hinders the process during emergency situations.

Techaloo : What market are you targeting? India or global?
Siddharth :
The model that we have built right now is specifically targeting the Indian Patients (Also including the Non Residential Indians). We are also working on a PHR system for the Global Population, which most likely come into effect by next year end.

Techaloo : What is the current user base?
Siddharth :
We started our operations 3 months back and have managed to reach 300 customers in a Tier II city – Vadodara.

Techaloo : Have you got any kind of funding?
Siddharth : We are a bootstrapped company.

Techaloo : What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next 3 years?
Siddharth :
In future, we are planning to expand our operations to other cities of the country and also start working on the global model of the Personal Health Records.

Techaloo : What will be your advice/suggestion for new entrepreneurs for starting new business?
Siddharth :
This is the best time in history of this country to start your own company. Lots of resources available like good intellect manpower, high internet speeds, excellent services like amazon web services.

Techaloo : Few words about
Siddharth : is an excellent platform for information about new startups. The good thing that we liked is the team is very young and dynamic which is very encouraging for other youngsters (especially in our team.)


Meet the Founders :


 Siddharth Panchal, CEOAn IT Professional, a business graduate, a passionate tennis player, loves to design new things and has left a lucrative job in Canada to work in his motherland.


 Dr. Saurabh Panchal, MentorA Surgeon by profession, a book worm, a cyclist who sensed the deficit in the health records system in India which helped give rise to the venture.

Mohit Bansal(23) is B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India. He has interest in business and entrepreneurship and has published couple of research articles. He is also associated with various NGOs. He is with Techaloo when it was just in concept stage. The Techaloo site was not existing even then. Currently Mohit is working with Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst Profile.

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