I was never afraid of other people judgement and evaluation of my life. : Deepak Singh, Founder Yatrafinder.com


If you are not willing to risk for the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

                                                                               Jim Rohn
To be honest none of us want to settle for ordinary. We all want to make it big. But only a handful of us take the risk associated. One such person is Deepak Singh. To achieve his dreams, he quit MBA in midway and founded Yatrafinder.com, an online platform which offers customers best customized rates for hotels and holidays. He described us in length everything about Yatrafinder.com. Here is an excerpt of the interview

Techaloo: Hi Deepak. You were pursuing MBA from IMT Ghaziabad and then you gave up it in midway and founded Yatrafinder.com(YF hereafter). Why? Should we hold people like of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg responsible for this?

Deepak:Yes, I was pursuing MBA from IMT Ghaziabad to enrich my management skills, but then I had to quit it midway to support my business full time. I’m sure you will understand how important time is for a new venture?

I would not hold them responsible for my decision, yet I look up to them for inspiration.

Techaloo: What your family and friends reaction was like when you informed them you want to drop MBA? How much they supported you?

Deepak:If I turn around and re-look at my decision of leaving MBA, I was never afraid of other people judgement and evaluation of my life.  It was an obvious reaction, where explaining everyone my decision was difficult. I opted to pursue my goal,  it’s because I’m not afraid of failing—afraid other people will be disappointed in me or judge me, or afraid I’ll have wasted my time.

In all reality, my wife was very supportive and encouraging to deal with the situation.

Techaloo: What you exactly do at YF? What is YF unique selling point?

Deepak:My role in the company is to engage in technical efforts and moon shot projects. As a founder, I’m almost involved in each and every aspect of business decision, be it marketing, sales, human resource, operations or partners.

YF offers one of the unique services in travel market. It is soon going to be one stop solution for Hotel and Car booking across India. Our focus is on well informed Indian citizen ready to book best rate hotel and car for their city breaks or business trips.

Additionally, YF website is highly user friendly offering browsing history, trip planner, booked history. We are developing a technology enabled system to automate the tour package industry.

Techaloo: Who all are with you since inception stage of YF? Tell me about them?

Deepak:YF is my brain child and I started it last year. I’ve found friends with common interest who have joined and share equity at YF. We work together to make YF a successful venture.

Shilendra Sharma:  MCA from Galgotia engineering college joined in Aug, 2012. He is heading partner business and operations.

Anubha Upadhyay:  MBA from SDMIMD joined in Oct, 2012. She is heading marketing and PR activities.

Techaloo: What was your seed capital? How did you manage that?

Deepak: To be honest, I started with my job savings an initial investment of 2 lacs rupees only. YF is able to breakeven and generate money for day to day operations. Our plan is to be profitable in next 6 months.

Techaloo: Who are your target customers?

Deepak: We don’t want to sell to everyone. Our target is an average Indian citizen or mid segment companies.  In short well informed, evaluative and attention for best deals.

Techaloo: Why should one trade with YF?

Deepak: As said earlier, we have a big pool of hotels and cars with best possible rates. Why would you pay more for your holiday?

Techaloo: YF was founded on August 31, 2013. It is almost 9 months old now. What are your experiences like? What were the challenges you had to face in taking YF so far?

Deepak: On Aug 31, it was a soft launch/ alpha launch of the portal with very few hotels associated with us. And then the journey never stopped, my prime focus was to develop best product for optimum user experience. We worked on our hotel networks and currently associated with over 70000 hotels worldwide. We are ready to launch online car booking system.

My prime challenge was to breakeven with the operating cost and recruiting best people to work with us.

Techaloo: Would you like to share some incident with us that have touched/inspired you deeply?

Deepak: When I was in my job, I saw a technology company growing from 1 to 150 people with a very little seed fund and it’s just because of the founder’s passion towards his venture idea and belief. This really touched and inspired me deeply.

Techaloo: What is next for YF? Where do you see YF in future, say 2 years from now?

Deepak: We see YF as a synonym for hotel booking + car rentals. We have an expansion plan for international market.

Techaloo: How does it feel to be an entrepreneur?

Deepak: In short accountable and responsible but then I love what I do.

Techaloo: Your tips for aspiring Deepak Singh?

Deepak: Peter Drucker quote: “Any time you see a business, somebody once made a courageous decision.”

Techaloo: What do you think about Techaloo?

Deepak: Right platform with right people. I really love your mindset and articles.

And we love your passion, valour and honesty Deepak. Wish you all the best!




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