“If entrepreneurship is in your blood, then just bleed!”: Anup Agarwal, Founder My Solution Plaza




My Solution plaza is an online venture that provides 24×7 assistance in homework/Assignments. It also offers online  tutoring in a number of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer science, English, Creative Writing, Finance, Biology, Economics, Accounting, any Software course and coding like Java, C++, HTML, PHP , C#, visual basic, SPSS, CSS and many more. Below is an excerpt from our chat with Mr. Anup Agarwal, founder and ex-owner of My Solution Plaza.msp


1.      First of all, tell us what My Solution Plaza is? How do you operate?

My Solution Plaza (MSP) is an online start-up that aims in providing homework solutions, assignment help and online tutoring to students. It is on a global level so basically students are from foreign countries only.

Students send their problems in different fields which are sent to respective tutor groups under us. We have a group of tutors (students and professionals) from premier colleges in different fields, who are trained to provide quality solutions. Most of them work part time so that they don’t hamper their studies and work. There are some expert level tutors who verify the solutions for any problem and interact with the students for a better understanding.

MSP  team is trying to make it different from other tutoring organizations which just see that they get quality solutions in time and see experts just as an employee. Here we try to build relations and have an impact in each one`s life.

2. When did MSP started?

It started in the early 2011.

3. What were you doing back then? What inspired you for MSP?

I was a student in 3rd Year back then when I started MSP. Previously I used to teach and help students online and I was also associated with some tutoring websites which encouraged me to start my own service. My inspiration for MSP was just my interest, I always wanted to do something different from my friends and that time education and Internet helped me to advance in this area. I was a part of E-Cell NIT Rourkela which was an active inspiration for such a step.

4.Who all were founders of MSP?

The Founder of MSP is Mr. Anup Agarwal , a student of NIT Rourkela back then, who used to handle all the activities but he left MSP work due to his current job , presently MSP is handled by his family members.

5. How much it took to materialize MSP?

Talking about money, online start-up don’t need much money during a start- up unless you are looking for some new technology and advertisements, it is afterwards such requirements come which is good to be undisclosed.

6. You do not have a website. Why so?

This was a unique approach which MSP took. There are many tutoring organizations and start-ups which have a website of their own and ask students to login in this website and then put questions and when these gets answered they are send a notification mail to check the website and if there is any clarification needed , it again takes same procedure. Students want a simple way to put questions and interact instantly to get their solutions and help. This was the reason our most activities are handled in mails only and we did not have a website back then, we have a Facebook page for quick interaction. (https://www.facebook.com/mysolplaza)

Though, now the MSP team is looking for creative an interactive website soon with some new add on services.

7. Why you parted your way with MSP?

I had some other activities to handle, I got into a job to get some experience and I wanted to do higher studies. So , I parted with MSP and handed over the work to my family .

Though, someday I am looking forward for coming back and even starting some new start-ups.

8. Who your target audience are?

Our target audience are mainly students from foreign countries who either take online short courses and need quick help and guidance which they don`t get from peer groups and teachers and full time students who miss out classes and fail to get complete attention in a huge class and so face difficulty to cope up.

9. Why should one chose MSP?

MSP is just a normal start-up which is not promising anything bigger but quicker help 24×7 with quality solutions. We charge less and try to satisfy each and every student. Our experts see that the students not only get solutions but they are learning it. MSP can be chosen by anyone who seeks help in any subject in any topic with ease without registrations and numerous steps of authentication. We are here to shorten the problems of a student.

10. What your experiences are like with MSP?

I had really a good time in MSP. It is not about just any start-up. It was about experiences, those happy faces you see after a student gets his homework or tutoring done and ace his classes, those satisfied tutors you interact who are just college students and they are able to earn while they learn. It is about each moment which makes you feel encouraged to go on working. If you start your own start-up during college, it is an achievement to pay your own college fees; it is a proud moment to be known in college by the name entrepreneur.

11. Would you like to share some incident with us that have touched/inspired you deeply?

There are many such good moments which touched me deeply while I was associated with MSP. There were some college students who were working dedicatedly in MSP as tutors. As part of our program we try to teach each expert and make them learn how to provide quality solutions and tutorials. These students one day meet me and tell me how they got benefitted with MSP work. They had won an award in some activity held in IIM and they were sharing their experiences how they could achieve this with the learning they got while MSP. I was really happy to see this new side of development of experts apart from getting money for working as a tutor; they were able to achieve something greater.  There was one such moment when an expert told me that she could use the earning from MSP in her education which was a proud moment for her in her family.

Such incidents are common in student’s case, as they are happy to get quick solutions as needed but seeing a different perspective of experts touched me. Since then we are trying to make MSP different from other tutoring organizations which just see that they get quality solutions in time and see experts just as an employee. Here we try to build relations and have an impact in each one`s life.

12. How MSP is doing? What is your plan for future?

MSP was doing well so far till it got saturated at some point of time but the new team is working back to resume its position as it was earlier. MSP is now looking for new services and solutions for betterment of students and experts as we proudly say that MSP in unlike any tutoring organization. MSP team is having some plans in future to expand its domain and provide solutions not only to students but to common masses with an improvised web-solution.

13. Any suggestion for aspiring entrepreneurs?

I learnt it during my college time, “that if you have it just do it! “If you are inspired to do something in any domain, just at least give it a go, results matter but these should not prevent you from starting. Always ensure you must have a team or a co-partner to support you in your endeavor.

I would like to end with a quote- “if entrepreneurship is in your blood, then just bleed!”


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  1. Team_MSP says:

    Thank you all for your feedback. The current team is looking at the changes , website has been made and marketing is done online.
    For more details you can contact us at mysolutionplaza@gmail.com

    Team MSP

  2. Ankit says:

    Good Going Bro….Truely said..“if entrepreneurship is in your blood, then just bleed!”:):)

  3. Javed Khatri says:

    I think they need a website so that they can reach their target audience easily. And one more question how are they marketing their startup?

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