“Make it happen now, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a loser’s excuse” so said Andrew Fashion. Making things happen involve utilizing our initiatives in developing, organizing and managing a business as in the meaning of entrepreneurship.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the willingness and capability to start, organize and manage a business venture along with its risks in order to make profit.

To achieve success in entrepreneurship, a team is preferred to an individual in managing a company. In this world of white collar job where there is not even space again for employment where unemployment is ravaging the nation and poverty prevailing like a widespread fire. It is time for us to sit down, think and execute a lasting solution to the problem of unemployment and poverty that is bewildering our dear nation.

Now is the time to awake to the situation, to use our God given potential and our initiative to develop something worth living for, to be an entrepreneur. Venture into creative thinking of providing for the nation and not what the nation has in stock for us in terms of being an employer and not an employee. For the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. To develop a business venture [i.e. be an entrepreneur], we have to follow some steps.

Firstly, make research about the business on how the business is been operated and the deficiency of the business, then device how to make it better and make success in the competitive global market.

Secondly, to startup a company, make sure to start with good people [people with the same dream as yours] for two are better than one and a team is better and stronger than one person. To foster the development and smooth running of the business, people who are of the same opinion and after the same goal as you are needed to come together as a team in handling and managing the business.

After the like-minded people might have come together as a team, the next step that follows is to come up with the idea on what to produce, which is what customers actually want [i.e. a commodity that the people are in need of]

The capital needed to start the business is required to make the business idea a reality and not be mere wish. Here comes the value of a team over one in starting a business venture. In most cases, individuals lack the will-power i.e. capital to startup a business but a team will come up with beach’s share and thus, the business idea will be achieved. The most important principle to follow concerning this is to start with as little money as possible. Failure to do one of the afore mentioned steps is the reason why most startup company fails.

In organizing and managing a business enterprise, a team of people [like-minded and after the same goal] are preferable to an individual with the following reasons.

In teams of idea, a team makes better idea than an individual. This is one of the main benefits of team work. Different opinions are been generated and in the multitude of opinions there lies the great idea. A better idea contributed by each, in the team thereby giving room for smooth and easy running of the business.

Creativity wise, better idea provided by the team in combination with the man-power to back it up leads to great success in the global market. Team gives room for contribution of idea and opinion unlike a business been managed by a person thereby giving room for creativity i.e. getting a golden idea to accomplish great profit.

Team led companies possesses the capability to back-up the ideas and opinions provided by the team. There are different people to handle each sector assigned to him making efficiency to set in and hence, provide more in lesser time. It is also backup by the will-power (capital) to foster the production of the product compared to an individual led company who will bear all the cost alone.

Also, a team led company gives space for accountability. Each member of the team is assigned a sector in the company and by this, there will be a division of labor within the system and each will give account at the end of a slated time for his/her sector.

Due to the afore mentioned points, team led companies are able to make preparations to top the list on the competitive global market.

In times of problem, team members are able to come together to apply different skills and techniques and to combine ideas in proffering solution to the problem. At the end of the day, team led companies are able to come up with more effective solutions than one person working on the same problem.

A team is able to influence many people due to the various background of each of the member of the team and also due to their number. Thereby great change can be effected in the company in terms of been able to move towards different locations and people to make great sale and come with reasonable idea and help in terms of materials  and required implements needed for the smooth running of the business.

Team led companies make great companies due to the above mentioned points and many more yet untold. Team led companies has a lot more advantages towards achieving success and greatness in entrepreneurship than a company that is organized and managed by an individual.

In other for a team led company to achieve and attain success in the business and to benefit from the above mentioned benefits, members must ensure to work together, selflessly and able to put their thoughts and ideas together to accomplish the main goal of the team which is to be above competition in the competitive global market.

In conclusion, the secret of getting ahead is getting started, now is the time for us to put our reasoning together to make a fortune for ourselves in the global market. We have to dislodge our thinking towards getting a white collar job, start up a business principle of startup, work selflessly and make a fortune for ourselves and our generations yet unborn.

An adage says, “everyday a Gazelle wakes up, knows that it must outrun the Lion or get killed and everyday a Lion wakes up knows that it must run faster than the fastest Gazelle or go hungry, but it doesn’t matter whether you are a Lion or a Gazelle, what matters is that when the day breaks, just get running.” Never stay ideal, find something reasonable doing, invest in your future by venturing into entrepreneurship market but keep in your mind that a tree can’t make a forest, a drop of water can’t make an ocean and lastly that, individuals don’t make great companies, teams do.

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