There is no place for the letter “I” in great, nothing spectacular was achieved alone in the business world. Nothing worth a world-stage attention, a standing ovation was ever done alone. There is no place for the letter “I” in great; neither do you find it in brand. There was never a place in business history of great brands where the word “I” dominated We. Great Business ideas and companies truly might be birthed in the mind of an individual, and even that can not be said to be due to singular effort, since the mind which generates such idea was more often than not subject to external human influences. A great company is one which has risen to full actualization and realization of what the word “Staff” means, and who sees the brand as a product of collective sweat in different area’s of expertise rather than personal glory. Great companies can be obser4ved as those who go beyond hiring, to team building, who channel the scattered rays of individual effort towards a single ray with laser sharp focus to cut a niche in the brand environment.

On close observation, it is evident why the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, there is a rationale behind which there is no “I” in BRAND and GREAT.


Calculated synergy beats energy every time: companies that play behind a policy of individual energy are soon, overwhelmed and submerged by companies whose tactics is synergy. There is more to team-work than wearing the same uniforms, and being paid from the same boss. Energy no matter how great or gifted can not see all corners, no matter how smart can not decipher the entire competitors move but calculated synergy can. We all look but observed differently and so the convergence of multiple observations gives a closer picture of brand reality. It is easier if we view our companies and brands as a game of CHESS – even though each piece varies in value (qualifications, intelligence, status) no piece can do it alone, but a formidable piece backed up by even the least valued piece provides more advantage than a single formidable piece. We all have gaps but together we got no gaps. But however synergy must be calculated to be formidable, members of teams must be chosen intelligibly to provide a complementary effect, as you can’t talk of an orchestra if we all play the same tune.


WAR IS WAGED BY ARMIES NOT SOLDIERS: The higher we climb the Business ladder, the fewer the brands and the stiffer the competitions. Top-notch companies not only fight at the top, they keep their eyes on the grass-roots too. No matter how good your business snipers are at the top, you need foot soldiers too. Team-work should not be mistaken for number of staffs, or members of board, team-work is the number of staffs willing to put both individual differences and statuses aside to make sure the company stays afloat in the ocean of business competitions. A team is the right word for those players in the company who like real foot ball players that the name at the front of the jersey (Club name – analogous to company name) is greater than the name of the player written at the back.


Great companies are brands that have consistently weathered competitions of varying fierceness over the years and looking closely, one would observe that the war to remain afloat was waged by an army not by lone rangers.


You Can’t Whistle a Symphony, You Need an Orchestra to Play It: Business sectors are as multi-faceted as they are diverse, great companies do not just know this; they tailor their policies to take advantage of this diversity. How? It is simply through team-work. Instead of one man trying to understand the intricacies of many facet of his business terrain, they heed instead to the wisdom of homer: “Light is the task where many share the toil”. Beauty more often than not is a combination of colours masterly combined and so is a great company, a great company is not a one colour parade, it is the master of combination of colours [efforts] each unique in its own shades.

Great companies show themselves masters of business and human resource symphony, under the guidance of a master conductor [C.E.O] each department play its turn, knowing fully well that is role is not in isolation, but depends on those before and after not undermining the effects of its own note [role, effort]. And as a symphony, great companies and brands are not heard in individual isolation but qualities of products and services is seen as one big, collective human resource symphony, reverberating for ages to come.


Great companies are made in the Board-room, great companies do not just see board-rooms as venues for briefing but for brain-storming as well. In saying that great companies are built by team-work, we do not mean that an entrepreneur is worthless by himself, but instead we state a fact that his worth is increased into something much more bigger than himself – A brand, when he is a team-player. Great companies become great by utilizing great strategies, and great strategies are not slow efforts.


Great companies have a policy of: Less of ME and more of WE, and in a single word, that is: Team-Work.



  • The 360o Leader by John .C. Maxwell


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