The essence of Cinema lies in its ability to reflect the society. Cinema, in all its simplicity, is a mirror. The only difference is that it does not project the true image. Its image is coloured by the perceptions and intentions of the filmmaker, who wants us to see the world through his vision. His vision may be built up of facts or fiction, it may be historical or futuristic in nature, yet its foundation is based on the basic pillars of the society; culture, values and knowledge.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is imbibed in the DNA of humans. Right through the generation of Early Man to our Modern Man, entrepreneurial spirit has enabled the human species to thrive on Earth and exploit its resources. The society always looks up to the men who lead others, overcome the mightiest obstacles by manipulating their resources and finally achieving glory.

Although not directly, but movies can offer great sources of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs. One just has to look at them in the proper way to find the deep underlying message.
The following is a list that I have prepared of the movies that showcase various qualities that any entrepreneur requires to be successful.

1. Passion- Batman Trilogy (by Christopher Nolan)
Passion for the business is very important to succeed in the long run. Bruce Wayne possessed the passion for justice as a direct psychological response to the murder of his parents. This passion is what drove him to don the cape of Batman and fight crime and injustice as a masked vigilante. Even though he had to pay a price for this, by facing the wrath of the society and becoming an outcast. Yet nothing could stop him from fulfilling his passion.

Lesson: An entrepreneur needs a fire inside him which has to burn no matter what. Nothing should be able to extinguish this fire. This fire is what eventually will take him to his goal. Because if once this fire gets extinguished, he will fall miserably over the smallest of obstacles.

2. Adaptability- Iron Man
Perhaps, this was Tony Stark’s greatest virtue. Born and raised in an uber-luxurious climate, Tony adapted to his prison as competently as a chameleon to his surroundings. He made his ‘arc reactor-cum-battlesuit’ without the luxury of his hi-tech workstation and from the materials which were designated to build a completely different object, a missile.

Lesson: In today’s highly dynamic world, an entrepreneur has to constantly shape and reshape himself according to the present scenario. There would be many times when things wouldn’t go the way he had planned. These are the times when he has to be strong and work with what all is available to him. He has to make the circumstances work for him rather than struggling with them.

3. Persistence- The Aviator
It is based on the biography of the great aviator, Howard Hughes. Apart from having a passion about aviation, he also had a passion for movies. He produced Hell’s Angels in the 1920’s, which was the most expensive as well as the most successful movie of that time. Right from the beginning, Howard had a certain vision for the movie. He wanted to shoot the movie as realistically as possible, which was nearly impossible because the technology at that time did not permit this. Hence, he had to wait for several years and incur additional costs with each passing year. Most people had labeled him as a ‘retard’ who would one day bankrupt himself. Yet, Howard held on to his vision. The tremendous critical and box office response which the movie received on its release was enough to silence his critics and for Howard to prove himself right.

Lesson: If you have a dream, you should hold on to it no matter what happens. Majority of the people would not be able to find potential in it. It is because they can’t see it from the way you are seeing it. If persuasion can’t convince them, then it is the test of time that will do the job for you. Rather than quitting out of frustration, an entrepreneur has to persevere in order to succeed.

4. Determination- Into The Wild
Based on real events, Into The Wild showcases Christopher Mccandless’s journey into the wilderness of Alaska. Armed only with a backpack and a book on ‘edible plants’, Chris undertook his voyage from Georgia to Alaska, spanning 2 whole years, living without money and travelling mostly by foot. Despite being advised against going there, by numerous people whom he met during his travels, Chris carries on towards his goal. Hunger, thirst, insomnia, loneliness or even being broke could not break his spirit and drag him away from his dream.

Lesson: Once you have acquired complete faith in your idea, you mustn’t let anyone or anything detach you from it. The reason why only a minority of people becomes entrepreneurs is because the remaining majority either succumbs to other’s negativity or lack enough will to sustain themselves till they reach their goals. Successful entrepreneurs never lose focus of their aim and keep trying all the permutations and combinations till they reach their goal.


  1. Vatsal Sethi says:

    Extremely relevant article Mr.Sethi.

  2. bhanuj kapur says:

    Great ideas put nicely into words! Good job!

  3. Vatsal Sethi says:

    The Pirates of Silicon ValleyPursuit of HappinessThe Oceans Series ( not for conning people but for playing it smart out there!)Jerry MaguireHope you will find this helpful!

  4. Vatsal Sethi says:

    Thank you Mr.Bhavsar.Surely there are many movies out there which can inspire budding entrepreneurs, it all depends on how you look at them and find that something which clicks with you. This list was my personal choice of movies, though I have some recommendation for you:

  5. Cool, I need to watch The Aviator now! Nice article… can you prepare a list of all movies for entrepreneurs?

  6. chetna says:

    great job !!! 🙂

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    Thank you for the comments guys!

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    awesome thoughts and wonderful creation…great work.. keep going! 🙂

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    Awesome work.. Commendable job!!

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    cool article. good job

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    Cool Article. I love the first two lessons. good job!

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    Very creative insights. Hats Off 🙂

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    excellent piece of work!!!

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    Best article on this website!

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    Thank you Guys! I really appreciate it.

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    Really nice :)))Really v creative .

  18. Sahil says:

    That’s a very inspiring article. Surely, starting something new can be done by anyone, but what really matters is how you face the challenges and survive in the market!:)

  19. Sahil says:

    That’s a very inspiring article. Surely, starting something new can be done by anyone, but what really matters is how you face the challenges of life and survive in the market!:).

  20. Baljeet kaur says:

    This one is really good…. ! Truly creative. Well done Vatsal 🙂

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