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21442144a1 was started in Feb 2011.It is a website for exclusive music content. It provides a range of content ranging from music news, ratings, reviews for albums in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Game OSTs, soundtracks, music accessories and services. Their focus is also on lesser known bands and we aim at being a platform for them as well.

The founder started it in his 3rd year of graduation and took it to this level with in 1 year.MusicPerk website looks awesome and shows professionalism among the founders.So all the music lovers have your perk at musicperk….

One feature that we liked the most about the musicperk is that they provide summary of the album too, in case you dont want to read the entire article…..really awesome!!!!

Let see what Mr. Sarang Ananda Rao, Founder ( wants to share with us-

Techaloo:How the entrepreneurship journey started? Or who inspired you to start business?
Sarang:My entrepreneurship journey started way back in college 3rd year. There was the Entrepreneurship Development Cell in my college which motivated me towards entrepreneurship. I had been a part of several entrepreneurship events, TEDx groups in Chennai. Badri Seshadri (Co-founder of Cricinfo ) , Karthikeyan (Founder of Twenty19) and Pete Cashmore (Founder of Mashable) are my primary inspirations.

Techaloo:You were a student of a good institute, why did you prefer entrepreneurship over a job?
Sarang:I am recent grad (graduated 1 week back) and I run as I m passionate about it (hence not a complete entrepreneur yet) and I am not planning to become a full time entrepreneur till I have good experience in a particular field. Hence, as a fresher out of college, I prefer a job to full time entrepreneurship (as I believe I don’t have enough experience in a field yet).

For students who believe they have considerable experience in a field, they can go ahead with full time entrepreneurship. They can consider working in startups as well.

Techaloo:Share some info about “musicperk” and “songperk” and it’s products here? is a website for exclusive music content. We provide a range of content ranging from music news, ratings, reviews for albums in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Game OSTs, soundtracks, music accessories and services. Our focus is also on lesser known bands and we aim at being a platform for them as well. We also have a feature — “songperk”, where we feature one song every week.

Techaloo:What was the vision mission of the company? What exactly you wanted to do when you started your business?
Sarang:Before starting out, I realized many of the Indian music/movie websites are not on par with other popular music/movie websites around the world (say IMDB). The vision mission of is to be the most popular exclusive music website in India. We wanted to build something as good as IMDB for Indian music industry.

Techaloo:What kind of difficulties you had faced while starting business?
Sarang:One of the primary difficulties for any entrepreneur for a startup is the initial investment. The initial investment for me was pretty low and I was able to fund it myself (with a cash award which I had won).

Techaloo:Share with our readers about discovery period when you were facing difficulties in your business?
Sarang:While facing difficulties in the business, it is important to identify the problem & brainstorm with your team mates to find an apt solution.

Techaloo:Share with our readers about your experiment period after discovery period?
Sarang:The experiment period is one of the most difficult times – there is pressure to succeed. You need to keep the spirit in you alive at the difficult times – that’s one point I would like to share with the readers.

Techaloo:What are your future plans? Or now what is your vision for next five years?
Sarang:My future plans include expanding to other languages like Kannada and Marathi. In the next five years, I would like to be the best exclusive music website in India.

Techaloo:What will be your advice/suggestion for new entrepreneurs for starting new business?
Sarang:One advice would be – startup, make mistakes, learn and grow. Another advice would be to be the king of your trade, be the innovator.

Techaloo:Few words about is an interesting website for startups. The startup scenario in India is something every student must understand. is an amazing venture that connects the students and the startups.

Team MusicPerk:
Sarang Ananda Rao Founder & Executive Editor
Pramodh Natarajan Operations Lead & Executive Editor
Teja Kethineni Graphics & Design Lead
Sri Krishna Editor
Manishgant Padmanaban Columnist
M.H. Dinesh Chowdhary Columnist
Ashwath Rajagopalan Columnist
Narayan Ramachandran Columnist
Vishal Gautham Columnist
Mohammed Shahin Marketing
Pradhyotana Bijja Marketing

Mohit Bansal(23) is B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India. He has interest in business and entrepreneurship and has published couple of research articles. He is also associated with various NGOs. He is with Techaloo when it was just in concept stage. The Techaloo site was not existing even then. Currently Mohit is working with Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst Profile.

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