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Intellogi is a story of student entrepreneurs. Two enthusiastic entrepreneurs got bored after attending boring training sessions by various companies.

They thought of starting their own venture, Started in August 2013 they got their first project after 4 months. Intellogi provides the following services

–          Branding (logo, poster, videos etc.)

–          Mobile Application Development (android, windows, ios etc.)

–          Website Design/Development

–          Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO, etc.)

–          Software Development

–          Recruitment & Staffing Solutions

There are other products also, which are under development in their lab.

Techaloo got an opportunity to have a chit-chat with Mr. Rajat Shahi, Founder & CEO @ Intellogi. Let wee what he wants to share with us.

Techaloo : When did you start your journey?
My entrepreneurial journey kicked off when I met my uncle at his business meeting where I understood that a high paying job can fulfill your household needs but it cannot satisfy you, an entrepreneurial journey can.

I started my journey back in August 2013, with my co-founder and the things were not very easy, because being a student you need to attend classes too. We had a totally different business plan back then, we’ll discuss that sometime later.

After 4 months we got our first project which did not go that well, we figured out the loopholes in our plan and now after 5 months, we got a series of big projects from clients, the projects are still under development.


Techaloo : What motivated you to join entrepreneurship community?
One of my advisor Mr. Pradeep Kumar Singh who is also my uncle, an entrepreneur and an M.Tech from IIT-B was here at Hyderabad for a business meeting. He said one line to his client and that line affected me so much, that I decided that I am not doing a job for someone else.
The line was “I have worked with several companies at very high positions, but I was never satisfied with what I was doing, but this entrepreneurial journey is giving me that satisfaction.”
So basically he, unknowingly motivated me for being an entrepreneur.

Techaloo : What was your vision/mission while starting Intellogi?
OUR VISION was to lead in the creation and delivery of innovative work force solutions and services that enable our clients to win in the changing world of work.

We love to work with start-ups as they share a similar mindset.


Techaloo : Why the name “Intellogi”?
First we were thinking of some really creepy names, later we thought that a name should be very simple, also it should describe our company as the name represents your entity!
Intellogi represents “Intelligent & Logical” techniques used by our company.


Techaloo : How did this idea come to your mind?
In my college I attended many training sessions by various companies and they “ALL” were very boring and uninteresting then I and my co-founder thought to start a company which would provide trainings that would not only teach the students but will also take the follow up and be with them for a long time.

For our first start-up we were looking for some service providers, and found that the service providers we had were not as good as we thought, later we started our own company which provides all the services at a nominal cost and with high quality and customer satisfaction.


Techaloo : How is the response as of now?
Our customers are really very happy with our work and dedication.

Our customers love us and that’s what a company needs. We now get projects because of referral by our former clients. We are having a bunch of projects lined up. I would say that this is the most profitable quarter of our company.


Techaloo : Have you got any kind of funding or looking for the same?
We are currently bootstrapping, as of now we are not looking for any funding as we are getting revenues which are enough, because we are incubated by my college. Maybe in future we’ll need funding after our product is launched.


Techaloo : What makes you unique from other players in the market?
No one can match our customer satisfaction and also we provide the best quality as compared to any of our competitors. We believe in word of mouth marketing, we get most of our customers because of this. We also make a lifelong relationship with our customers.
We are 24/7 available for our customers.


Techaloo : Tell us something in details about “Training”?
Training is the first service started by us, under this section we provide trainings/workshops in colleges, schools and corporate offices.
We provide trainings on almost everything varying from technology to business related subjects. My favorite is entrepreneurship.


Techaloo : Why should a startup use your services?
Every start-up needs quality and dedication, start-up needs to customize it’s products every time and we are very flexible with any kind of customization request by our clients, moreover we are also a start-up and we share a similar mindset so we can understand the start-ups better than anyone can.
We are a one-stop-shop for all the services required by any start-up/company/organization.


Techaloo : What are the major services, which you will recommend to a new startup?
Our web design/development team is pro and the developers are certified specialists from Microsoft. That one service I would rate highest among all our services. Then mobile application development and branding services.


Techaloo : What is “Intellogi Student”?
We are students and we know what are students capable of, so we started this “Intellogi Student Program” according to which we select one or maximum two students from each college for internship (both technical and non-technical) and give them some task based on their capability. Then we reward them according to their performance.
The best intern we have now is Mr. P. Venkateshwaralu from J.B. Institute of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad.


Techaloo : You are based out of India, are you aiming global market or only India?
We are aiming the global market and as we are already providing services in more than 3 countries, we are looking forward to be physically present there.


Techaloo : What are your plans for next 3 years?
Well, in next three years we will be releasing some products, also we want to be recognized as an MNC and provide services to 70+ countries.


Techaloo : What will be your advice for budding entrepreneurs?
Entrepreneurship is all about patience and dedication.
“Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that’s exactly what it is . . .”
If you have these two qualities then no-one can stop you from being successful.


Techaloo : What do you think about is a great means of inspiration to all the entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs.
It motivates students to be next gen entrepreneurs.
Awesome work guys!

Meet the team :
Intellogi team is the force that keeps driving the company forward and all the achievements that we have bagged till now is because of the hard work and dedication of each of its member. We all are having different expertise and roles.
The core team consists of 5 members

  • Rajat Shahi- Co-Founder & CEO
  • Prashanth Vishwanath- Co-Founder & MD
  • C.V.R Suchith Reddy- CMO
  • Deekshith Reddy Vangala- Embedded Systems Engineer
  • Amit Roy- Ethical Hacker and Security analyst


Intellogi is currently raising fund through crowd funding solutions. If you believe in their concept and want to help them out – Click Here

Mohit Bansal(23) is B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India. He has interest in business and entrepreneurship and has published couple of research articles. He is also associated with various NGOs. He is with Techaloo when it was just in concept stage. The Techaloo site was not existing even then. Currently Mohit is working with Mu Sigma as a Business Analyst Profile.

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