Is Engineering on your Line, or is your Engineering OnLine?


Tired of surfing the Internet and other resources to find the Updated syllabus for your Semester? Are you one of that kind who has lost hopes on clearing the Lab Sessions due to incompletion of Labworks? Worry not for here is a platform ( puts not just your Engineering back on the line but Online too. Seemingly impossible though my friends at ‘Aalim Muhammed Salegh College Of Engineering’(Chennai) have taken a huge leap towards bringing the references for e-books available for every department possible of the entire engineering discipline.

If ‘A’ be the first English alphabet that marks the beginning of the Language then ‘B’ takes credit for passing the transition to every other until the end of ‘Z’. In regards Mohammed Tasleem (B.e.Cse/Final Year) backs the credit for stepping upon the initiative of this platform whilst Mohammed Aadhil & Abdul Rahman(B.E.CSE/Final Year) earn the Fruit for the full-fledged development of it.The idea was however born out of their personal experiences all thanks to the Traditional ‘Learn to live & try never of living to learn’  ideology of our Indian Educational System. Yes these friends of mine have had enough of trying to earn the best reputation from the teachers by all Meticulous means. But at the end of the day the result being that they were being neglected of the Class Notes for the Semester. And they did make a try to download some of the e-books from Websites (such as ‘Megaupload’) all efforts being a vain. The reason being that e-books are being posted in the Internet by every user for every single hour. Whenever any new post is being posted on any particular site the former posts drop down to the bottom of the List and hence when trying to download the e-books some of the earlier posts that may be of good importance might get trashed to the last page. Thus these books gain no remarkable importance at all and hence vanish unnoticed!

                   In order to alleviate this common endurance of every other student Mohammed Tasleem sorted out to develop a Website where the budding engineers may obtain the latest updated syllabus and some of the most important Note needed for the semester. At the earlier stage it was just a Propaganda of mere syllabus updates. But as of now some of the essential crafts for the Lab& Theoretical Sessions are being made available as well. One of my beliefs is that-“Seek not the profits in Education but reap only its benefits”. May be that’s what these guys have done as they did not comprise any Advertisements in their website and hence they earn no profit/online cash through it. Also betterment is provided as well by which any other registered-user (abides by Facebook’s jingle-“It’s free and always will be”) can post either the reference of any book or a shot collection of Notes. That they have not actually posted the complete e-books is only to trounce the conflicts of Copyrights issues.

   A short brief of their long work goes thus:

->Learn to live and live not to learn-The idea to develop the website was initiated.

->Seek the benefits in education and not the mere profits-No advertisements are comprised in this website.

->It’s free and always will be-Any registered user can post a thread (i.e. the subject notes).

->Feel Free to Download-Any file that is to be downloaded by a user is absolutely free.

As an epilogue I would like to dedicate this article as well as this following piece of my own verse to them thus:

             Without our Knowledge, we ‘re born

                 and minutes before we Taste it,

               our Death is Sworn;

               but life in a way must’nt be led,

               that it is of no Knowledge & Taste!!”

My sincere hopes & hearty wishes for the upliftment of this platform upon which they have just marked an entry .It will sooner be a complete ‘Online e-book Portal’. 


Amanullah Khan.A
A.M.S College Of Engineering,2012
About Me: I am currently pursuing my Final year Engineering in Computer Science U.G. My aspiration is to be a Good Writter. Poetry is where my passion is. And I Would like to include my Pen-Name as ‘Anabishi’.(An abbreviation for-“Always Never Allow Barriers In Searching Hope!”)


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